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Slip-critical connection

Extended moment end-plate connection – ASD

Branch/Through-Plate Connection with Rectangular HSS

Column base plate in braced bay – LRFD

Bolted flange plate moment connection – LRFD

Pipe – Shear lag connection in bracing

Bolted splice connection

Stiffness analysis - W to HSS moment connection

CBFEM Weld Model: Validation and Verification

All welded double-angle connection

Linear bifurcation analysis (LBA) of columns in compression

Simple welds (ASD)

Simple welds (LRFD)

Welded splice

Anchor bolts in tension and shear

Flush moment end plate

Cap plate connection of CHS profile

Splice connections of I-beam flanges

Single plate shear

LBA simply supported beams in bending

LBA of beams with various boundary conditions

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