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IDEA StatiCa Connection is a very helpful package for the modeling of a wide range of joints in steel structures. Modeling and interpretation of the results requires an understanding of the forces within a node and is equal to the complexity of the connection.
Gordon Clannachan
Gordon Clannachan
Senior Structural Engineer – ARUP
Thanks to IDEA StatiCa Connection, we have done in our project each steel connection is less than 1 day what would have taken more than a week with the old processes. Today, I only use IDEA StatiCa with some side manual verifications.
Denis Lefebvre
Denis Lefebvre
Expertise Director, Bridges and Civil Engineering Structures – Stantec
We used IDEA StatiCa Connection for the design of DELTABEAM endplates, the design of stiffeners of complicated joints, and splicing connections of steel sections. Maybe the most important feature and also the reason why we purchased IDEA StatiCa Connection is the design of bolted endplates. With the CBFEM calculation method, we are able to optimize the thickness of plates. That is very useful for us because such an endplate is almost impossible to design based on EC design code. This method takes into account the real „behavior“ of the endplate, which means, e.g., increase of forces in bolts due to prying effects, which is a correct assumption.
Matej Hrubý
Matej Hrubý
Structural Engineer – Peikko Slovakia
IDEA StatiCa allows a stress analysis to be carried out on very complex connections and the software is very easy to use. This aided our connection design for the main node connections on The Marshall Building.
Mark Hill
Mark Hill
Associate Director – Bourne Group Ltd
United Kingdom
IDEA StatiCa Connection works easy and fast. There is no other alternative solution on the market that provides both FEM and Component Based Method. IDEA Statica is a solid and good tool for the design of our steel connections.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Luc Schueremans
Prof. Dr. Ir. Luc Schueremans
Engineering Manager – Frisomat
Implementation of IDEA StatiCa Connection to our workflows decreases the consumption and handling of the material and the welding costs in comparison to the previously used approach. This went hand in hand with simplifying and speeding up the production process.
Thijs Oerbekke
Thijs Oerbekke
Registered Structural Engineer / Welding & Quality Engineer – Voortman Steel Group

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