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Steel connections and members

IDEA StatiCa is a steel connection design software for all types of welded and bolted connections, base plates, footings, and anchoring. It also enables you to solve buckling and stability of steel members.

  • Intuitive design of simple and even highly complex connections
  • Pass/fail results for any connection, based on AISC, Eurocode, etc.
  • 250 ready-made templates, 10,000+ configurations
  • Easy application of any required loading to the project
  • Complete report including  stiffness, seismicity and buckling
Steel member and related connections designed and code-checked by IDEA StatiCa

We solve your connections

Watch how IDEA StatiCa transforms one of the biggest pains of steel design into a practical solution for your daily work. No matter the complexity of topology or loading, you can design and code-check whatever connections and joints your project requires. And get a comprehensive report which will prove it to everybody else. This is a connection design tool every structural engineer and detailer deserves to have.


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We help you on every project

Safety first
Clear pass/fail checks. Complete reports. Design assumptions explained. Thousands of tests ensure your project is safe and ready to build so you can rest easy.
Save time
Save time designing and code-checking connections and details. Hundreds of templates, no limits to topology.
Design confidence
Quickly assess the buildability of connections and details at any phase of a project. Better presentation of your work to customers.
Leverage BIM
Import data from CAD or FEA applications. Synchronized assumptions adjust to reflect any changes made. Minimize errors.

Unique method and engine

IDEA StatiCa was the first one to combine the traditional Component method (i.e equations) with FEM analysis. Together with universities, we have created a method called CBFEM, tested it thoroughly, and enabled its usage in a beautiful engineering application.

Proven, reliable calculations

We work closely with numerous universities to test and verify IDEA StatiCa results. No matter the topology, your designs are complete, accurate, and in accordance with AISC, Eurocode, and other design codes.

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Our e-learning course will help you to master analysis, design, and code-check of steel connections. Finish the course and get a certificate that will distinguish you in the marketplace and increase the value of your work. 

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Complex steel connection designed and code-checked by IDEA StatiCa

Case studies

Anchorage design of steel spherical storage tanks, Canada

In this case study, Odan Detech Group presents a project that they have been involved in – stress analysis and design of a generic propane/butane storage sphere in a high seismic area.
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Anchorage design of steel spherical storage tanks, Canada

The Jakarta International Velodrome, Indonesia

Mott MacDonald — global engineering, management, and development consultancy company - used IDEA StatiCa extensively to analyze and design complex, earthquake-resistant connections for an iconic and very challenging project — The Jakarta International Velodrome, a venue for the 18th Asian Games 2018.
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Bus station steel structure, Rosenheim, Germany

Together with LEICHT Structural engineering and specialist consulting GmbH (“LEICHT”), we are happy to present a case study of using IDEA StatiCa on a project of a new bus station in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany.
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Bus station steel structure (Rosenheim, Germany)

Railway bridge across Vltava river, Czech Republic

IDEA StatiCa Connection helped to analyze a railway bridge across Vltava river connecting cities Tabor and Pisek in the Czech republic.
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Facade connections at Midland Metropolitan hospital, UK

In this showcase, we are presenting an example of connections of an interior steel structure with an unusual offset arrangement for the cross bracing required by the team of architects of the Midland Metropolitan Hospital near Birmingham, United Kingdom.
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Facade connections at Midland Metropolitan hospital

Permanent service bridge truss, Heathrow Airport, UK

In this project, IDEA Connection was used for the analysis and design of the connections of a steel truss structure made of hollow sections located at Heathrow Airport, London.
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Connection design optimization on Heathrow Airport bridge truss

Optimizing steel connection production, Rijssen, Netherlands

With the installation of the fully automatic assembly and welding machine, Voortman redesigned all standard connections with IDEA StatiCa Connection to maximize production efficiency.
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Our customer projects

6-8 Bishopsgate, London, UK

Museum of the Future, Dubai

Capital C (De Diamantbeurs), Amsterdam

Helsinki Olympic stadium

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What do our customers say about us

We have used IDEA StatiCa on 6-10 different projects already. One project called Crabapple Market was six buildings, all part of a complex. Another company had the other eight buildings at the complex, and after the initial round of RFI’s and comments from the EOR, they chose to use us on any revisions and changes because of our calculation package (IDEA StatiCa) was superior to the other company.
Ryan K. Carpenter
Ryan K. Carpenter
Structural Engineer – Echols, Lindsey & Moore Structural Engineers
The general philosophy and practices of the IDEA StatiCa helped us to quickly elaborate with such complex connections, which we would have normally designed by hand. In IDEA StatiCa Connection, all these connections became solvable, and even better, there is no special consideration to be taken care of. The workflow is common no matter what the geometry is. Another important thing was that the reasonable connection details lead to reduced manufacturing costs, and the assembly of the trusses was relatively easy.
Byron Alexander Bezas
Byron Alexander Bezas
Senior Structural Engineer – Ellis & Moore
United Kingdom
IDEA StatiCa Connection works easy and fast. There is no other alternative solution on the market that provides both FEM and Component Based Method. IDEA Statica is a solid and good tool for the design of our steel connections.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Luc Schueremans
Prof. Dr. Ir. Luc Schueremans
Engineering Manager – Frisomat
Once you have used the software for a while it becomes quite intuitive and therefore much easier to use. It is very powerful in terms of the complexity of connections that it can cope with.
Paul Heathcote
Paul Heathcote
Director & Principal Structural Engineer – Abacus Design Associates
United Kingdom
IDEA StatiCa allows a stress analysis to be carried out on very complex connections and the software is very easy to use. This aided our connection design for the main node connections on The Marshall Building.
Mark Hill
Mark Hill
Associate Director – Bourne Group Ltd
United Kingdom
Implementation of IDEA StatiCa Connection to our workflows decreases the consumption and handling of the material and the welding costs in comparison to the previously used approach. This went hand in hand with simplifying and speeding up the production process.
Thijs Oerbekke
Thijs Oerbekke
Registered Structural Engineer / Welding & Quality Engineer – Voortman Steel Group

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