Design and code-check all your steel connections and members. Any geometry and loading. Safely, in minutes.

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IDEA StatiCa is software for steel connection design for all types of welded and bolted structural steel connections and base plates. It fastens your connection design process by:  

  • The intuitive design of simple, moderate, and complex steel connections
  • Pass/fail results for 2D/3D, CHS/HSS steel connection as per AISC, EN etc.
  • 250 ready-made templates, 10,000+ connection configurations
  • Ability to apply any loading for axial, shear and moment connections 
  • The complete report including stiffness, seismicity, and buckling
How to cut down your connection design time by up to 80%?
Steel member and related connections designed and code-checked by IDEA StatiCa

What is the best software for steel connection design?

It is the one that transforms painful steel connection design into a practical solution for your daily work. No matter the complexity of geometry or loading. You can design and code-check whatever connections and steel connection details your project requires. And get a comprehensive report which will prove it to everybody else.

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IDEA StatiCa was the first one to combine the traditional Component method (i.e equations) with FEM analysis. Thoroughly tested with universities, IDEA StatiCa is the industry-leading EN and AISC steel connection design software. Applicability? Design of welded connections, bolted connections, moment connections, welded connections, and other types of steel connections.

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How much will you save on steel connections?

Connection design is not pain just for you. We have collected feedback from over 1000 structural engineers and created a calculator that can reasonably estimate how your connection design process can change when you get onboard with IDEA StatiCa. Spend 3 minutes on it, they will be worth it! 

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Save your time for more valuable things than creating every connection from scratch. Bolted connections, welded connections, HSS, stubs, beams, flanges, gusset plates... We have them all. Choose from a wide range of steel connection sample projects created by our team and other customers.

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Sample projects

Designed by our customers

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport Drive-Through Canopy, United States

The Thames Tideway Tunnel, United Kingdom

Museum of the Future, United Arab Emirates

Capital C (De Diamantbeurs), Netherlands

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Safe design of all steel members

Stability and buckling of frames, beams and columns. 2nd order analysis.

  • Analyze and design any steel member
  • Solve the critical steel member
  • No more estimates of buckling lengths
  • Leverage your FEA model
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