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connection design simplified

Place accurate and cost-saving connection design at the heart of your projects with our steel connection design software. Handle all types of bolted, welded, shear, axial, steel beam, column base plate, and moment connections, as well as other steel connection details. Enjoy:

  • Predefined templates for simple connections and visual modeling for moderate and complex ones
  • Comprehensive reports as per code
  • Automated BIM links with your FEA and CAD software
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Handle concrete complexity

Accurate concrete design is critical to your projects' success, so stop relying on tools with limited geometry possibilities and few ULS and SLS checks. Using IDEA StatiCa, you can:

  • Design concrete walls and details of any geometry and loading, including D-regions in openings and dapped ends
  • Optimize their reinforcement
  • Get a report with all ULS and SLS checks as per code
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Discover how IDEA StatiCa is transforming steel connection design and concrete design through its patented technology, intuitive and powerful user interface, comprehensive code-checks and fully customizable and reliable reports, in accordance with the latest AISC, Eurocode and other national standards.


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