steel joint

Steel connection design Reinvented!

The first software in the world which can design and check all steel connections and joints. Clear pass/fail checks according to the code for welded and bolted connections, footing, and anchoring.
steel joint

Any topology, any loading, in minutes!

Overall check for any connection in minutes. Stress and strain analysis, stiffness, member capacity design, buckling, and design joint resistance.

Design of walls, beams and details – reinvented!

Structural design and code-check of concrete walls, beams and details of any topology. Thorough analysis and clear output in minutes!


Design of members, cross-sections and details!

All ULS and SLS checks for reinforced and prestressed members and cross sections. Time-dependent analysis with construction stages and non-linear creep. All checks according to the latest codes and annexes.

Welcome to IDEA StatiCa

Engineering software dedicated to structural design and code-check of joints, cross sections, beams and other details.

Connection Wednesdays – December 13th

Connection Wednesdays

Are you a trial user? Have you recently purchased a license? Or are you already an advanced IDEA designer and you want to learn more about IDEA StatiCa?
Then join our Wednesdays’ regular webinars, and find out more about this breakthrough technology that has changed forever the way we analyze & design steel connections!
We are organizing this series of free regular webinars on Wednesdays to inform anyone that wants to know in detail how IDEA StatiCa works, and how it can be integrated into the BIM workflows.


Structural design of steel connections and joints

IDEA StatiCa Connection designs and checks welded or bolted connections, 2D or 3D joints, anchoring or footing of all topologies. We provide clear pass / fail checks according to EC / AISC / CISC standards in a complete report with drawings. For analysis, the Unique CBFEM method based on finite elements is used. Modeling considers an elastic-plastic material model for all the elements of the joint – plates, elements, bolts and welds. Prestressed bolts and plastic behavior of the welds are also taken into account.

Analysis of stress and strain of all connections and joints. The load is applied in increments, the corresponding stress and strain is calculated and evaluated. Linear analysis of stability of the connection elements. The coefficient of critical load with the corresponding deflection shapes. Rotational and axial joint stiffness (rigid, semi-rigid and pinned) and joint characteristics – initial stiffness. Seismicity checks. Iterative calculation of design load of the joint.

Design and checks of reinforced and prestressed concrete structural members

IDEA StatiCa Concrete and Prestressing provides economic and complex design of your everyday engineering work. We use cutting-edge methods for FEM modelling and nonlinear checks for ultimate and serviceability limit states. Rheology and construction stages are considered using time dependent analysis (TDA). Checks according to Eurocode (EC2) and SIA are performed for bridges of small and medium spans, buildings, and liquid retaining structures. Always according to the latest code updates and national annexes. A wide range of possibilities in check settings covers cast-in-place, prefabricated and composite structures.

Save your time and material by using unique functionalities such as nonlinear creep, compression strut optimization, a combination of pre and post-tensioned tendons, in-plane restrain after casting of the composite slab, checks of joint in composite concrete-concrete cross-sections or M-N-kappa diagrams for Pushover analysis.


IDEA StatiCa in the global workflow

Do your project from scratch or build on geometry and loading imported from Robot, Revit, MIDAS Civil + Gen, STAAD.Pro, SAP 2000, Scia Engineer, RFEM, RSTAB,  AxisVM, ConSteel and others.

Take advantage of the link between IDEA StatiCa and Tekla Structures or Advance Steel to provide workshop drawings and support manufacturing process.

Shear check – Test your engineering judgment!

How will be redistributed the forces in the longitudinal bars and in the concrete with the variation of the concrete angle strut? Take a moment and test your engineering judgment in our online quiz! It takes only a minute and you will directly find out if our estimate...
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CISC code implementation – Done

We implemented a Canadian code CISC. But this is only the first step. Now, we have to deal with the example studies, verification examples, consultations with the specialist at the universities and many more. We prepared the verification example for you. You can find...
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IDEA StatiCa at Autodesk University Las Vegas

Do you think that you attended the best conference? Are you really sure? We already are, because we have been at Autodesk University in the Las Vegas! With more than 10 000 attendees, industry talks, instructional demos, roundtables, hands-on labs and other meetings....
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Lateral stability checks for Beams

Since 8.2 version, we added a new feature for code check of lateral stability for beams. This check is required for all slender beams, which are prone to buckling during the transport of members. The Eurocode specifies the formulas in chapter 5.9 for persistent and...
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Rotational stiffness: Test your engineering judgment!

Do you think about the rotational stiffness of the connection you design? Although it is sometimes an underestimated problem, it has a strong influence on the distribution of the internal forces in the structure. Take a moment and test your engineering judgment in our...
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IDEA StatiCa successful in the competition Czech 100 best 2017 again

IDEA StatiCa defended this year place in the competition Czech 100 best! The announcement of the competition took place on 24 November 2017 in the representative premises of the Prague Castle with the participation of each single company delegates.

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We as engineers have to know, that what we are providing is fully buildable and designable. There is no point in offering a connection to a contractor to design if that isn’t the case. IDEA StatiCa allows us to take the output from – let’s say an Advanced Steel model – and very quickly run through these options.

Graham Aldwinckle

Associate Director, ARUP London / UK