Installation setups, licensing

Current version

Released May 24, 2024
530 MB file, 30-second download, 1-minute installation, automatically detects your FEA/CAD software and activates relevant BIM links

Read the release notes to go through all the new features and improvements. 

Please pay attention to the System requirements for the IDEA StatiCa installation

Previous versions

Download here previous versions, including their latest patches.
If you are looking for any other build, submit a support case.

Released April 25, 2024
Released October 4, 2023
Released April 25, 2024
Released January 04, 2024


The online licensing system of IDEA StatiCa solves all the issues of the old key-based systems. 

Everything is provided in a robust and secure IDEA StatiCa cloud for which you need only two things to access – their username (by default, an email) and password.


We provide you full technical support during the trial period, identical to the service you will get after you purchase. Request the FREE trial here.

We provide online, account-based licenses. We create a cloud license server for each of our customers. You only need your credentials (mail) to access the license from any device. The maximum number of license users per license product is 7 for standard licenses and unlimited for enterprise licenses. 

Read more about IDEA StatiCa Licensing here.

No, all licenses of IDEA StatiCa consist of floating seats. You can switch devices, return the license to the pool, share with your colleagues, and work on the road or from home. 

Prices show the range for all available products, one floating seat license. Subscription prices are displayed for the 12-months option. There are more possible subscription periods. Request a quote to get a detailed solution for your organization. 

Yes, the standard IDEA StatiCa license can only be used in the country you specify in the purchase (usually by billing address). Multinational usage is only possible in the Enterprise license product of IDEA StatiCa. 

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