Concrete code-checks made simple

Safely reinforce and check all types of concrete details and cross-sections

Compatible with other software


IDEA StatiCa Concrete is a design software solution for all types of reinforced concrete cross-sections, beams, walls, diaphragms, frame joints, hangings, and brackets. It also provides code-checks of prestressed concrete members.

  • Design of simple as well as complex concrete details and cross-sections
  • Clear pass/fail results for any geometry, based on global building codes
  • Dozens of ready-made templates, import from DXF
  • Complete ULS/SLS checks, including cracks


Watch how IDEA StatiCa makes the concrete design visual. No matter the complexity of reinforcement or loading, you can design and code-check whatever your project requires. And get a comprehensive report which will prove it to everybody else. Need to deal with prestressing too? It has never been easier. 


Case studies

Prestressed concrete roof, Zbysov, Czech Republic

Companies Trenon and Bestr carried out an interesting construction project in Zbysov, a small town not far from Brno, Czech Republic. They have designed a prestressed waffle slab structure into the false formwork of polystyrene blocks.
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The prestressed concrete roof slab lightened by polystyrene blocks

Retrofit of a reinforced concrete arch bridge, Czech Republic

This study showcases an analysis of an old reinforced concrete road bridge which consists of two concrete arches and suspended concrete bottom deck. It spans over the Mrlina river in Krinec, Czech Republic.
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Bridge load rating

Curved shear wall design

In this article, we are presenting a case study of IDEA StatiCa RCS through a real project from one of our customers, which although relatively small-scaled, presents the designer with several challenges that make the calculation of internal forces complex, with the biggest one being the curved concrete walls.
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Curved shear wall design, United Kingdom
Safety first
Clear pass/fail checks for steel connection design. Complete analysis and design of concrete members. Customizable reports. Thousands of tests performed.
Save time
Save time designing and code-checking cross-sections and details. Any cross-section shapes, any topology of concrete details. Predefined topologies and reinforcement templates.
Design confidence
Quickly assess the buildability of details and cross-sections at any phase of a project. Sell your work for more, confidently.
Leverage BIM
Import data from CAD or FEA applications. Synchronized assumptions adjust to reflect any changes made. Minimize errors.

What do our customers say about us

We design large infrastructure projects and bridges. We have been using IDEA StatiCa for 3 years. The biggest advantage for me is that I can work much faster and more efficiently than before. I like that the program is user friendly and simple. Easy input, easy design, it helps me a lot.
Viktor Cechacek
Viktor Cechacek
Structural Engineer – PK Ossendorf
Czech Republic
IDEA StatiCa filled a gap in our existing software equipment - detailed TDA analysis of concrete structures and assessment of reinforced concrete and prestressed structures. It fits into our workflow with SCIA Engineer. IDEA is also one of the few companies dedicated to development new tools for bridge design.
Dalibor Divis
Dalibor Divis
Design Department – PRIS
Czech Republic

Unique method and engine

Our section checks have been validated thoroughly by numerous comparison calculations. Together with university ETH in Zurich, we have also created and tested a method called Compatible Stress Field Method (CSFM) for the design of discontinuities.

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Proven, reliable calculations

We work closely with numerous universities to test and verify IDEA StatiCa results. No matter the geometry, your designs are complete, accurate, and in accordance with AISC, Eurocode, and other design codes.

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News and webinars

How to design a prestressed beam with openings easily?

Goodbye to the Code-Check Manager, hello to the Checkbot!

What is new in IDEA StatiCa 21.1

New IDEA StatiCa version 21.1 is live!

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Director of IDEA StatiCa US
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