Benchmark study of a bolted flange plate moment connection (AISC)

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This study performed at the University of Chile presents the results of the verification of a Bolted Flange Plate (BFP) fully restrained moment connection. It compares the hand calculations according to AISC 360-16 with CBFEM in IDEA StatiCa Connection.

A detailed hand calculation is provided for one benchmark example and then 14 more variations are investigated. For each case, the governing failure mode and bending resistance is provided. Next, the fillet welds are replaced by butt welds for all cases to reveal additional failure modes.

The resistance provided by CBFEM is generally in good agreement with AISC 360-16. The resistance of fillet welds provided by CBFEM is conservative compared to AISC when welding to unstiffened column flanges.

Sample files

Prepared by:

Nicolás Leiva, Research Assistant

Ricardo Herrera Mardones, Ph. D., Associate Professor

Department of Civil Engineering, Universidad de Chile

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