Case studies

Real-life projects with IDEA StatiCa. You can do the same.

Glass roof topping, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anchorage design of steel spherical storage tanks, Canada

Bus station steel structure, Rosenheim, Germany

394-foot (120-meter) St-Jacques street overpass, Montreal, Canada

10 Fenchurch Avenue, London, UK

Base connection for a tension membrane structure - Dubai, UAE

Retrofit of a reinforced concrete arch bridge, Czech Republic

Curved shear wall design, United Kingdom

Braithwaite pressed steel sectional water tanks, United Kingdom

Supporting structure of a conveyor belt, Germany

Railway bridge across Vltava river, Czech Republic

Permanent service bridge truss, Heathrow Airport, UK

Optimizing steel connection production, Rijssen, Netherlands

The network of electricity tower masts, Czech Republic

The Jakarta International Velodrome, Indonesia

Prestressed concrete roof, Zbysov, Czech Republic

Facade connections at Midland Metropolitan hospital, UK