Research and development

Backed up by thousands of verified tests with leading R&D partners you can trust
IDEA StatiCa works closely with leading experts in the field of structural engineering from top global academic and technical institutions, pioneering the cutting-edge methodologies that drive our products.

Our CBFEM method for steel

To ensure you are using leading technology you can trust, IDEA StatiCa combined the traditional Component method (equations) with FEM analysis to create the Component-based Finite Element Method (CBFEM). CBFEM has been thoroughly tested and proven in cooperation with two technical universities as well as HILTI.

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Our CSFM method for concrete

All IDEA StatiCa Concrete section checks are validated using numerous comparison calculations, giving you the most accurate concrete methodology available. Working closely with ETH Zurich university, our method, called the Compatible Stress Field Method (CSFM), is rigorously tested for the safe design of walls and d-regions.

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Hilti PROFIS Engineering relies on CBFEM

IDEA StatiCa partnered with HILTI to implement CBFEM as the calculation core for base plate calculations in PROFIS Engineering. Over 100,000 steel-to-concrete projects are calculated by CBFEM (IDEA StatiCa + PROFIS Engineering) every month. We have set the industry standard for the efficient and fast design of footings, as per all major design codes, worldwide.

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Case studies driven by CBFEM