About us

IDEA StatiCa is run by a team of dedicated global engineering and business professionals


IDEA StatiCa is a leading, international, family-owned structural design software company established in the Czech Republic. It is run by a dedicated global management team based across multiple continents.

Juraj Sabatka
CEO & Co-owner

Juraj is a technology and entrepreneurship enthusiast with an academic background from three continents – Prague University of Economics, Harvard University, and Singapore Management University. After various sales and marketing roles in IDEA StatiCa, he became CEO in 2023. Juraj was EY Technology Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 in the Czech Republic.

Lubos Sabatka
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Lubos, a pioneer in using CAE methods for structural analysis, has been developing structural engineering tools for over 20 years – Esa Prima Win, SCIA Engineer, etc. In 2009, he shifted his focus to the design of structural members, cloud technology, and BIM adoption, targeting gaps in the global workflow of structural engineers and fabricators.

Lukas Manasek
Chief sales officer

Lukas has been cooperating with IDEA StatiCa since 2016 as an external consultant. He not only helped us define our global go-to-market strategy, but also watched as our sales network entered new regions and markets. As CSO, Lukas brings his love of implementing strategic goals for specific markets and extensive experience in international sales leadership.

Vojtech Chalupa
Chief product officer

After 10 years of construction industry experience, involving on-site material testing, structural steel and timber engineering, and project management, Vojtech joined us as BIM product owner. With his expertise in understanding customer needs, he ensures we align our product development with enabling our users to be creative, while remaining safe, and productive.

Martin Jansa
Chief technology officer

Martin is an experienced leader in software development for both desktop and cloud applications with over 15 years of practice in the desktop security industry. Martin is also a big fan of Agile development and is focused on maximizing the value of the products we provide to our customers in minimal time without compromising on their quality.

See how we have been growing

Lubos creates first program

Lubos writes the first program for 2D frame analysis on a Wang 2000 computer during his studies.

First company founded

First company, IDA, founded. 3D frame programs IDA Nova and IDA Prima, developed for IBM-compatible computers, released on Czech market.

IDA Nexis released

IDA Nexis (marketed alter as ESA Prima Win) for Windows with full graphics UI released in Benelux and Germany. It was a complete solution for 3D structures composed of beams, columns, plates, walls, and shells.

SCIA CZ s.r.o. formed

Merger with SCIA, a Benelux company, creating SCIA CZ s.r.o.

ESA Prima Win conquers Europe

ESA Prima Win becomes important European software.

Lubos leads SCIA development

ESA Prima Win becomes SCIA Engineer. Lubos leads its development. 

Company established

Team around Lubos leaves SCIA. IDEA StatiCa opens its doors in Brno, Czech Republic with 2 managers and 9 software engineers.

First product on the market

The first ever IDEA StatiCa application is released – Reinforced Concrete Section (RCS). 

CBFEM method created and patented

Groundbreaking structural design method CBFEM (Component-based finite element method) is invented, patented, and implemented in IDEA StatiCa Connection.

IDEA StatiCa Connection released

The first presentation of IDEA StatiCa Connection at Steel, Space &  Composite Structures Conference at Czech Technical University in Prague.

Czech Mind Award and UK office

IDEA StatiCa wins the prestigious award for science – Czech Mind ("Česká Hlava") and opens its UK office.

Partnership with HILTI

IDEA StatiCa and HILTI agree that the new PROFIS Engineering Suite will run on a CBFEM-based calculation core provided by IDEA StatiCa.

Solution for concrete discontinuities

Compatible stress field method (CSFM), another groundbreaking method, invented to solve the design of concrete details and walls. IDEA StatiCa Detail released.

EY Technology Entrepreneur of the Year

Lubos and Juraj Sabatka win Czech EY Technology Entrepreneur of the Year, 2020. 50 people work for the company. International reseller network established. New German office opens.

New offices around the world

Offices in the United States and the Netherlands founded. Brno headquarters moves to the Sumavska tower building.

Management transition

Juraj takes over as CEO, Lubos moves to the supervisory board. Martin, Vojtech, and Lukas join the leadership team. 100 people work across whole organization.

APAC expansion and Connection Library

Office in Singapore founded, adding 7 new team members. IDEA StatiCa Connection Library introduced. 8000 customers worldwide, over 14 million design calculations annually done by 110 thousands users. 

Meet IDEA StatiCa

Watch our video to learn about how we are dedicated to ensuring our customers can consistently deliver the highest standards of structural design projects – accurately, quickly, and safely.


IDEA StatiCa is built on four main values:

We systematically cultivate ourselves as a foundation to build upon
We have a passion for simplifying complex tasks
The mindset of our people, products, and business
Joy is imprinted on our every product and interaction.


IDEA StatiCa has offices in Singapore, Philadelphia, London, Dortmund and Eindhoven. Each team is made up of local professionals experienced in the field of structural engineering software. We serve the rest of the world through our authorized global reseller network.

Dave Eckrote

Dave's career spans structural engineering design across multiple building types and educating engineers on cost-effective software and design solutions. He volunteers on the Structural Engineers Association of Pennsylvania board, leads the Northeast Coalition of Structural Engineers Associations, and serves on the Mid-Atlantic Steel Fabricators Association Program Committee.

Theodore Tsirozidis

Since 2007, Theodore has been assisting AEC professionals in adopting BIM technologies for their design workflows. In 2015, he introduced IDEA StatiCa in the UK, and since then he has been leading the UK team with one main goal: to help structural engineers across the UK improve their productivity and design more efficient and safer structures.

Aleksandar Mladenov
IDEA StatiCa Deutschland

Aleks graduated as a civil engineer from the University of Applied Sciences in Wuppertal. He is passionate about IT and software. He built a successful business around SCIA Engineer before founding the German branch of IDEA StatiCa together with Helmut. Since 2021 he has been the managing director of IDEA StatiCa Deutschland GmbH.

Helmut Wrede
IDEA StatiCa Deutschland

Helmut studied mechanical engineering at the University of Paderborn and mechanics at the TU Darmstadt. As an engineer, he gained a lot of experience in the support of structural engineering software in his professional career. He is co-founder of the German branch and now acts as a managing director of IDEA StatiCa Deutschland GmbH.

Klara Thiel
IDEA StatiCa Benelux

Klara is a fan of new technologies and software. She has experience from a design office focused on steel and bridges, and extensive experience in business. She has been with IDEA StatiCa since 2018, where she was responsible for the Czech and Slovak market as a Consultant. Since 2021 she has been working in the Netherlands.

Jan Valicek
IDEA StatiCa CZ & SK

After graduating from Brno University of Technology, Jan spent nine years as a structural engineer in the Czech Republic and United Kingdom. During his structural engineering career, he participated in multiple award-winning projects. Joining us in 2018 as a consultant, he has been managing IDEA StatiCa’s operations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2022.

Lukas Manasek

Lukas has been cooperating with IDEA StatiCa since 2016 as an external consultant. Not only did he help us to put together our global go-to-market strategy, he also watched as we entered new regions and markets in our sales network. As CSO, Lukas brings with him his love of implementing new strategic goals for specific markets and extensive experience in international sales leadership. Currently, he also heads IDEA StatiCa's APAC operations, marking its 2023 expansion into the region.

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