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Connection design simplified

IDEA StatiCa is an industry-leading steel connection design software. You get clear pass/fail checks as per code in minutes. IDEA StatiCa will save up to 80% of your connection design time because of:  

  • A huge database of pre-designed 2D/3D connections, footings, CHS and HSS connections, steel-to-timber, and other connections
  • Quick modeling and design of any bolted and welded connections
  • Thorough AISC/EN checks, including buckling, stiffness analysis, design resistance, and seismic  
  • Fully customizable reports with equations and pictures that sell
Why engineers choose IDEA StatiCa


Design any type of steel connection from scratch or import it from your analysis or detailing software. Apply simplified or complex loading. Visualize the connection behavior. Generate connection sketches and bill of material in seconds. IDEA StatiCa gets your connection design done for every configuration of steel connections you need: 

  • Moment connections in steel structures, shear and axial connections, including seismic
  • Beam to beam, beam to column, column to column, or column to base plate connections
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Case studies

Curragh Racecourse, Newbridge, Ireland

In this case study, we are really proud to present an extraordinary project of a world-famous horse racing venue in Ireland that has won an award at the Structural Steel Design Awards 2020. Designed by Kiernan Steel, who also erected various ancillary buildings.
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Halle des Saveurs

The Locarno, Halle des Saveurs (Hall of Flavors) is a commercial building in L’Haÿ-les-Roses, in the southern suburbs of Paris, France.

Halle des Saveurs was designed by architectural firm Greig & Stephenson Architects in the neo-Baltard style and now stands at the historic site of the area’s original market. The French cousin of London’s Borough Market, the hall has been designed to host food and tasting stalls in a marketplace on the ground floor and to house a panoramic restaurant on the first floor, as well as traders outside.
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ICON Växjö project by Peikko, Sweden

One of Peikko's largest projects in Sweden, rising to a height of 67 meters is the ICON tower building. On 20 floors, it provides a floor area of 37.000 m2 serving many purposes. Let's take a brief look at how it was created.
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Horizon cruise terminal

Designing the UK’s first plug-in shore-side cruise ship terminal, the British company REIDsteel used IDEA StatiCa for detailed connections analysis. Automatic calculation of hundreds of steel-to-steel and steel-to-glulam connections enabled REIDsteel to quickly assess both rigidity and cost of each connection type and suggest the most effective designs, saving their client time and money.
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EDGE Amsterdam West

The original building at Basisweg 10 was a 48,000 m² office building with an inner garden constructed in the 1970s and designed by former de Architekten Cie architect Oyevaar.
Located in the dynamic and transforming neighborhood of Amsterdam West, it was one of the first offices in the urban development area. In 2019, the EDGE building underwent a complete renovation, with the installation of an impressive steel dome.
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Dome glass roof containing a high number of unique steel connections.

Façade retention construction support

As part of a redevelopment project of the Bem Center in Budapest, Hungary, STEELEXPERT Ltd. was commissioned to come up with a temporary façade retention solution. The aim was to preserve the building’s façade while the internal structure is rebuilt to suit the new concept. IDEA StatiCa was used to design connections for a modular, light, yet robust steel structure that would withstand winds and fit in the dense infrastructure of the city center.
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Family home in Massachusetts

CRAFT Engineering Studio worked closely with Selldorf Architects on this single-family residence.
The project consists of three different buildings – the main house, garage, and pool house.
With an open architectural design and unpropped balcony, the two-story building of the main house sits on a steep bluff overlooking the ocean, exposing it to high winds and introducing numerous challenges in terms of the structural design of the vertical and lateral load resisting systems.
Originally conceived in steel, both the client and architect wished to move to a predominantly wood solution.
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Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport drive-through canopy

At the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, a drive-thru plane canopy is designed with resistance to wind up to 155 mph.
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The Jakarta International Velodrome, Indonesia

Mott MacDonald — global engineering, management, and development consultancy company - used IDEA StatiCa extensively to analyze and design complex, earthquake-resistant connections for an iconic and very challenging project — The Jakarta International Velodrome, a venue for the 18th Asian Games 2018.
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Facade connections at Midland Metropolitan hospital, UK

In this showcase, we are presenting an example of connections of an interior steel structure with an unusual offset arrangement for the cross bracing required by the team of architects of the Midland Metropolitan Hospital near Birmingham, United Kingdom.
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Learn everything you need to know about steel connection design. With our free self-guided Campus course, you can study at your own speed, test your knowledge with continuous quizzes and learn how to design code-compliant structural steel connections safely. You can also enhance your professional status with paid certification.


The ultimate connection database

IDEA StatiCa has a default set of connections - 250 types, 10.000+ configurations. The feature Connection Browser makes this only a start:

  • Create a Company set of connections and upload your previous designs or the most repetitive connections from your fabricator - all your colleagues using the license will see them right away!
  • Browse through thousands of sample projects, webinar projects and case studies and add them to your set

Build your ultimate connection database, do projects faster, and impress your customers!

How to create a Company set of connections?

Steel as well as concrete

Accurate design of welded connections, bolted connections, and footing and anchoring. Overall stress and strain check, buckling shapes, equivalent stress, plastic strain, the stress in contacts, bolt forces, and deformations. All components and steel connection details are taken into account. Anchor check, concrete check, and shear lug. Geometrically and materially non-linear analysis. 

What do our customers say about us?

IDEA StatiCa has proven to be the perfect choice because modeling such complex details, with bolts, welds, cuts and openings, in FEM software like SAP2000 or Ansys would have involved an excessive amount of time and several technical difficulties.
Federico Medicina
Federico Medicina
Structural Engineer – Cresco Genova
We exported all forces from SCIA Engineer directly into IDEA StatiCa connection to perform our detailed calculations. And that worked really well. Certainly, when you have a lot of connecting beams with many different forces, having a direct export is very helpful.
Alexander van Beelen
Alexander van Beelen
Structural Engineer – ASK ROMEIN
Some of the connections had so complex geometry that without IDEA StatiCa, the correct calculations and especially optimizations would not have been possible at all.
Csaba Bán
Csaba Bán
Sr. Structural Engineer, CEO & Owner – STEELXPERT Ltd.
IDEA StatiCa allows us to design a much wider range of connections, in less time, as well as look into the stiffness behaviour of connections to see how this interacts with the global structural analysis.
Matthew Pearce
Matthew Pearce
Principal Structural Engineer – Mott MacDonald UK
United Kingdom
IDEA StatiCa software is a fantastically efficient tool that’s helped us streamline our connection design processes. The cloud-based license makes it easy for us to access the software from anywhere, and the support team is always on hand to sort out any issues.
Ryan Malachy
Ryan Malachy
Managing Director – Alan White Design
United Kingdom
Implementing the IDEA software into our company has been a real turning point for us. It allows us to create connections that are lightweight, cost-effective and structurally efficient all the while giving us the flexibility to design a connection to any imaginable configuration whilst still giving us the confidence that the connections are designed in accordance with the relevant design standards.
Mirivano Carrig
Mirivano Carrig
Structural Engineer – Kiernan Structural Steel
I have been using IDEA StatiCa since 2015 and use it every day. It saves me time, and I can calculate connections with more than three bars in the node. It’s very, very useful.
Guillaume Reimão
Guillaume Reimão
Structural Engineer – Arestalfer SA

Report that sells your work

Export all the calculations in a readable and presentable document in PDF and docx. You can build the report by adding/removing pictures, sketches, code-check results, formulas and explanations, bill of material. Sell your work by adding beautiful and accurate 3D visuals of the geometry and results.

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How much will you save on steel connections?

Connection design is not pain just for you. We have collected feedback from over 1000 structural engineers and created a calculator that can reasonably estimate how your connection design process can change when you get onboard with IDEA StatiCa. Spend 3 minutes on it, they will be worth it! 

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