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National codes

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Single Plate Shear Connections (AISC)

Bracket Plate Connections (AISC)

T-stub connections (AISC)

Beam-over-column Connections (AISC)

Stability of Bracket Plates using Local Buckling Analysis and Material Nonlinear Analysis (AISC)

Extended End-Plate Moment Connections (AISC)

Verification of IDEA StatiCa calculations for steel connection design (AISC)

Chevron Brace Connection in a braced frame (AISC)

Brace Connection at beam-column connection in a braced frame (AISC)

Benchmark study of a bolted flange plate moment connection (AISC)

Welded splice connection (AISC)

Column base plate in braced bay LRFD (AISC)

All welded double-angle connection (AISC)

Extended moment end-plate connection – ASD

Branch/Through-Plate Connection with Rectangular HSS (AISC)

Splice connections of I-beam flanges (AISC)

Stiffness analysis - W to HSS moment connection (AISC)

Slip-critical connection (AISC)

Cap plate connection of CHS profile (AISC)

Flush moment end plate connections (AISC)

Bolted splice connection (AISC)