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Brace Connection at beam-column connection in a braced frame (AISC)

Chevron Brace Connection in a braced frame (AISC)

Beam-over-column Connections (AISC)

Verification of IDEA StatiCa calculations for steel connection design (AISC)

T-stub connections (AISC)

Bracket Plate Connections (AISC)

Single Plate Shear Connections (AISC)

Benchmark study of a bolted flange plate moment connection (AISC)

Laboratory validation of IDEA StatiCa steel connections and details

Component-based finite element model

Advanced Modelling of End Plate Joints

Extended End-Plate Moment Connections (AISC)

Moment of resistance of prestressed section - comparison of hand calculations and IDEA StatiCa

Deflection check according to EN 1992-1-1

Solution for walls and details of concrete structures

Buckling analysis according to AISC

Pipe – Shear lag connection in bracing

Bolted flange plate moment connection – LRFD

Validation and verification procedures

Future design procedure for structural connections

Simple and Advanced Models for Connection Design in Steel Structures