Halle des Saveurs

Paris | France
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The Locarno, Halle des Saveurs (Hall of Flavors) is a commercial building in L’Haÿ-les-Roses, in the southern suburbs of Paris, France. Halle des Saveurs was designed by architectural firm Greig & Stephenson Architects in the neo-Baltard style and now stands at the historic site of the area’s original market. The French cousin of London’s Borough Market, the hall has been designed to host food and tasting stalls in a marketplace on the ground floor and to house a panoramic restaurant on the first floor, as well as traders outside.

About the project

The 2,000 m²  building is an entirely metallic structure with a multi-span roof and a large glazed arch expanse.

It contains the ​​1,400 m² market hall, the 250 m² panoramic restaurant, spacious cultural space with bay windows, a variety of spaces to read, work or play in, and a veritable green corridor.

The environmentally conscious building boasts 20 charging stations for electric vehicles, a packaging compactor room to reduce the passage of collection trucks, plus natural ventilation, photovoltaic panels, and a rainwater recovery tank.

Engineering challenge

During the design of the structure, the objective was to find the best balance between cost and benefit.

Engineers from the Arestalfer used Robot structural analysis software in the design of the structure and then exported the nodes with internal efforts directly into IDEAStatiCa in order to calculate the connections.

The real challenge was to design an architecturally and structurally functional connection because the architecture was very important. We had many operations to define and many bars per node. In one case, there were seven bars and two tension rods in one node.
Guillaume Reimão
Guillaume Reimão
Structural Engineer – Arestalfer SA

Arestalfer S.A. spent three to four weeks designing the 15 different connections, something Guillaume tells us would have taken around two months without IDEAStatiCa.

Most connections were complex because there were many members. And this is the advantage of IDEA StatiCa – it’s very useful and time-saving for calculating complex connections and analyzing the plates, elements, screws and welds.
Guillaume Reimão
Guillaume Reimão
Structural Engineer – Arestalfer SA

Solutions and results

La Halle des Saveurs had its grand opening on March 13, 2022.

The building boasts a dynamic market of 40 permanent quality food stalls, tasting spaces, a refreshment bar, and a panoramic restaurant that can accommodate up to 100 people.

The spacious and friendly cultural space is a place of relaxation and entertainment, offering a variety of spaces for visitors to explore or relax in or enjoy state-of-the-art digital tools and digital public space. Its modular pop-up layout makes the market the perfect place to host events and workshops.

Boulevard de la Vanne has been redeveloped into a veritable green corridor where visitors can enjoy the trees, gardens, and children’s playgrounds.

A new intersection eases traffic in the vicinity, and the new underground public car park with more than 130 spaces supplements the newly renovated 70-space outdoor car park.

About Arestalfer S.A.

With offices in Gradignan, France, and Sever do Vouga, Portugal, Arestalfer has more than 35 years’ experience in the development of engineering solutions in the metal construction sector, specializing in projects with a high degree of complexity and dimension. The firm primarily focuses on the design, manufacture and assembly of metal structures and the locksmithing of iron, stainless steel, and aluminum.

The company’s experienced technical team is capable of developing efficient solutions and responding to highly specific customer requirements, from planning the conception and doing the calculations to preparing the entire project.

Founded in 1982, there are now two companies in the Arestalfer S.A. corporate family - Arestalfer SA and Arestalfer France. The total billing of Arestalfer families is 16.5M Euro.

Arestalfer S.A. company, with this project, was selected for the final round of the IDEA StatiCa Excellence Award 2021 for Large-scale buildings.

Guillaume first started working with IDEAStatiCa Version 7, so is a veritable pro with our software.

I have been using IDEA StatiCa since 2015 and use it every day. It saves me time, and I can calculate connections with more than three bars in the node. It’s very, very useful.
Guillaume Reimão
Guillaume Reimão
Structural Engineer – Arestalfer SA

Learn what the engineer says about the project

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