Release notes IDEA StatiCa 24.0

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Version 24.0 represents two milestones. It celebrates 10 years since the release of the CBFEM method and IDEA StatiCa Connection, a decade of making the right connections. It also introduces a groundbreaking 3D concrete structural design solution for footings and walls loaded out of plane.

Version 24.0 highlights

Steel Connection Design

Concrete Detail Design

  • Footings and Walls using 3D model type in IDEA StatiCa Detail. You can structurally design footings and walls loaded out of the plane and see their real behavior. This functionality is in BETA and early access, as verifications are still ongoing. 
  • Intuitive modeling with bulk modifications, faster 3D scene, and calculation speed.
  • Report fully customizable, with theoretical background, and reordering of items. 
  • Export of a footing from the Connection app to Detail.
  • Some small enhancements that have an immense impact on the Detail application.
  • Utilize the RCS API for streamlined and efficient design processes.

BIM and Checkbot

  • FREE version of Checkbot for engineers, detailers, EORs, and others without a commercial license of IDEA StatiCa. This replaces FREE CAD plugins. 
  • Checkbot ready for big projects, reliably handling imports (<30 secs) from models with up to 1,000 nodes and opening them 50% faster due to improved file rendering. 
  • Cloud app Viewer now displays load effects and has improved uptime and load time. 
  • Check the compatibility with your software in the list of supported versions in 24.0

Usability and Licensing

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