Single Sign-on (SSO)

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Single Sign-on (SSO) is being implemented for both desktop and web user authentication. It is an Enterprise feature that enables users to use their Microsoft or Google credentials to sign in and for company admins to easily assign and manage their user base.

Single sign-on authentication enables centralized authentication. With this feature, users can enjoy seamless access to all IDEA StatiCa applications using a single set of login credentials. This simplifies the login process, providing a smooth user experience by eliminating the hassle of managing multiple passwords. Additionally, this unified access approach enhances security across our platform, providing users with peace of mind and a streamlined workflow. 

Single Sign-on simplifies access, enhances security, and boosts the productivity of the customers. It empowers users to access both desktop and web applications. SSO also streamlines access management for company admin users.

This feature brings several benefits such as, fast login time, higher security, no need to remember passwords, and easier user management for company admins.

Released in IDEA StatiCa version 24.0.

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