Solved incidents in IDEA StatiCa patches

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Here you will find a list of the resolved cases as reported by our customers. This is not an exhaustive list but a summary of the major issues/bugs that have been solved. We hope you find it useful.


    Version 24.0.1

    Released May 14, 2024

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00048269An issue with creating a general cross-section in the editor has been fixed
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00045014An issue with the wrong rotation of a cross-section imported from Tekla has been fixed
    00045846Checkbot error message when importing a model from STAAD.Pro was revised and fixed.
    00045944The AD 2024 1.2 plugin has been tested and is validated for use as a BIM link with IDEA StatiCa
    00046233An issue with the import of nodes from RFEM has been fixed
    00046561Now the rotations of angles cross sections coming from STAAD.Pro to Checkbot are matching. 
    00047252An issue with import from Tekla has been fixed
    00047824The Checkbot link is now available for SDS2 Version 2024
    00048486The issue with crashing Tekla 2024 in cooperation with Checkbot 24.0 fixed
    Case #Description
    00048035An issue with the new pin material has been identified and fixed.
    00048234An issue with misleading detailing check has been fixed
    00048344An issue with the dxf definition of a plate has been corrected.
    00048430The issue with the DFX import in the Connection app has been fixed
    00048608The issue with the DXF import has been fixed, so it is possible to import a DXF as expected
    00048757The issue connected with a report in another language has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00046325The issue connected with limit force has been fixed
    00048374The problem with the crack width limit value in the Detail app was fixed
    Case #Description
    00047692The issue with creating CUT has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00047745The issue with the interaction check in RCS has been fixed
    00047903The calculation of S_{r,max} is corrected for complex sections due to the incorrect calculation of the spacing between the bonded reinforcement
    00048178The issue regarding the limited interaction check switched on not being copied to other sections in RCS was fixed
    Case #Description
    00048307An issue with the case sensitivity of the file suffix fixed

    Version 24.0.0

    Released April 24, 2024

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00044581Corrected the unprecise parameters of library cross-section UC203x203x100
    Case #Description
    00047351A new description has been added for the unavailable nonlinear deflection simulation regarding the composite section in the Beam app
    00047531It is now possible to model prestress tendons without working prestress, so as passive reinforcement
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00045299An issue with the wrong rotation of members imported from Tekla has been fixed
    00045846The import process from STAAD.Pro to IDEA StatiCa was improved for members with rotations
    00045884Fixed incorrectly imported values of shear force Vz from RFEM 6.05.0006 to Checkbot
    00045913An issue with incorrect rotation (Beta angle) of some L cross-sections after importing a structure from STAAD.Pro has been fixed
    00046175Fix of rounded plates import from Advance Steel
    00046248The issue with the misalignment of inclined members in the Checkbot after import from SCIA Engineer has been solved
    00046266Improved IOM import from BIM Expert software 
    00046355An issue with an import of load effects from the SAF file has been fixed
    00046561The angle sections come from STAAD.Pro now have the correct rotation when importing them in Checkbot
    00046599Fix of the sync issue in Checkbot (Autodesk Robot)
    00046918The problem with export from Tekla to Connection is solved
    00046953BIM link detection and installation has been improved for the import between SDS2 and Checkbot.
    00047176The Checkbot now has the ability to display unmodifiable and dependent material properties
    00047318Updated BIM link for SCIA Engineer 24
    00047536The issue with incorrect import of rectangle hollow cross-sections was solved
    Case #Description
    00044342Crashes after creating the report were solved
    00045197Solved problem with the generation of stiffener on the top of the ended member
    00045291Fixed mismatching internal forces when imported to a new connection project (Connection import command) from another connection project that was imported to Checkbot from Modest FEA software
    00045779Improved calculation  by increasing element size on concrete subsoil part
    00045871Corrected visibility of slotted holes in IFC export
    00046153The problem with report generation getting stuck in the Connection app has been solved
    00046342Fixed wrong perspective display of the first sketch inserted in the bill of material
    00046388Peak weld utilization was not shown under the "Extreme" output view, now the overall check should be consistent with weld results
    00046524An issue with the walls of CHS 'splitting' under load at certain rotations has been corrected
    00046744Solved problem with the generation of stiffener on the top of the ended member
    00046895An unexpected error in IDEA Connection app was solved
    00046915The issue of incorrect displaying of summary results has been resolved
    00047173The problem with mesh generation has been fixed. 
    00047215Solved problem with the generation of stiffener on the top of the ended member
    00047309An issue with the operation stiffener has been fixed
    00047325Concrete block results were not visible when there were no critical load effects for concrete in the model. It was fixed - the concrete results are always visible
    00047457Welded built-up sections are now able to retain their welds when changing their origin type
    Case #Description
    00045576An issue with missing pictures from the gallery and topology optimization in the report has been fixed
    00046778The issue of incorrect extreme selection in Detail for the summary results has been resolved
    00047607The issue of incorrect deflection evaluation due to creep factor has been resolved
    Case #Description
    00045888Corrected duplication of load values
    Case #Description
    00047249The RCS code-check that mistakenly gives OK for the maximal distance of stirrups (9.5.3) in some cases has been repaired

    Version 23.1.5

    Released March 11, 2024

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00046364An issue whereby the use of <default> as the material type led to errors in IDEA StatiCa Steel Member, which could have been avoided by setting a specific material such as S 355 instead, has been resolved
    Case #Description
    00045747An issue with detailing check of minimum reinforcement is fixed
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00044037Import error from RAM has been fixed, allowing for complete structure to be imported
    00044876Fix in import from STAAD.Pro 22 version older than 22.05
    00045308Import of bolts from Advance Steel corrected
    00045587Corrected the 3D view of imported members from SCIA Engineer
    00045847Connections from checkbot can now keep the same code initially selected from the Checkbot project
    Case #Description
    00044549An issue with the calculation of footings has been fixed
    00045252Fix in the IFX export 
    00046244Fixed problem of automatic detection of "default" steel material imported to Checkbot from Robot projects
    Case #Description
    00044294The issue for calculation of Sigma Cp in the shear check has been fixed
    00045303The warning message has been added to the torsion check and removed from interaction check
    00045782Visualization issue of dimension in RCS was fixed
    00046422The incorrect calculation of the required minimum reinforcement for negative bending moment is solved
    Case #Description
    00044608An issue with the Viewer was fixed

    Version 23.1.4

    Released February 8, 2024

    Case #Description
    00044066The issue with the wrong visibility of tendons in the Tendon module is resolved
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00041752We have now made allowances for additional SDS2 installation folders when installing the SDS2 BIM Link
    00042844An issue with an invalid LCS definition has been fixed
    00043249The latest version of SAP2000 (v.25.1) has been tested and confirmed compatible with current and upcoming versions.
    00044037An error warning during Checkbot RAM import is now resolved
    00044103The issue with STAAD.Pro BIM link is resolved
    00044456STAAD.Pro, Checkbot link: Fixed import of results and position of L-angles
    00044551An issue has been identified and fixed regarding the incorrect definition of Local Coordinate System of curved members
    00044638An issue with the wrong rotation of members imported from RFEM has been fixed
    00044650An issue with the import of cross-section from RFEM has been fixed
    00044764An issue with the wrong rotation of members imported from RFEM has been fixed
    00044795Special characters are now taken into account when exporting connections from Checkbot
    00044806An issue with the import of members from SCIA has been fixed
    00044847Increased tolerance for merge command to apply Mitre cut operation
    Case #Description
    00042541Fixed problem with wrong detection of user-defined bolts imported from Tekla to Checkbot
    00043702Fixed error in creating a report in the German language for specific models and settings
    00044229The issue of bolt forces not matching the forces from the bolt check is resolved
    00044340Several issues with the NVOL operation and opening alignments for IFC export have been fixed
    00044376An issue with plate rendering in the report has been fixed
    00044504Additional intelligence had been incorporated into Connection Library to improve the filtering mechanism
    00044781An issue with missing grooves in IFC exported from Connection solved
    00044870The issue with the load case percentage has been resolved. 
    00045058An issue with one page and brief report generation has been fixed
    00045203The issue when fillet welds were moved on the other side after the cut operation was fixed
    00045214the issue with the disappearing 3D model was fixed
    Connection Library 
    Case #Description
    00043115An issue with geometry recognition in Connection Library has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00044747The issue with compression-only support has been fixed
    00045080An issue with editing reinforcement diameter in a project from the older version fixed
    00045123Material reporting in Detail has been improved
    Case #Description
    00044954The issue with wrong recognition of EN code instead of AISC resolved
    00045230The issue with wrong recognition of EN code instead of AISC resolved

    Version 23.1.3

    Released January 12, 2024

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00043871The issue with opening a file from version 23.0 in version 23.1 has been fixed
    00044045The issue when changing a weld electrode material properties was fixed
    00044380Fix the crash when opening the project created in the previous version that contains a hollow section 
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00041167BIM API: Description of a necessary switch from obsolete WCF to gRPC communication added to developer documentation
    00042270The issue with missing parts after export from Tekla to the Connection application has been fixed
    00042361Communication with the user while importing a RAM Structural System model was improved, now Checkbot shows a window saying that it is in the import process
    00043076The issue with import to Tekla has been fixed
    00043231An issue with mapping certain sections, mainly double angles, from SAP2000 has been fixed
    00043319An issue with the import of a large model from SCIA Engineer, with many combinations identified. The problem with data transfer is on the SCIA side and SCIA developers were noted
    00043480An issue with the import of SAF files has been fixed
    00043711An issue with the import of cross-section from RFEM files has been fixed
    00043720An issue with the import of SAF files has been fixed
    00043887An issue with discontinuities in internal forces on members after import form RFEM 6 solved
    Case #Description
    00042660The issue of the load value not updating when changing any value in the Material tab and using Load - Percentage has been resolved
    00042745An issue with the calculation of bearing resistance has been fixed
    00043113An issue with the export of opening to IFC files has been fixed
    00043259An issue with the preloaded bolts' shear limit in FE analysis and fatigue checks has been fixed
    00044497An issue with load import from one connection file to another has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00044033When renaming a combination in a combination Pop-up window, the name of the combination was not changed in the tree menu in the 3D scene
    Case #Description
    00042276It is no longer possible to use a newer version of the IDEA Statica application in offline mode without a valid license for that version
    00043078An issue with IOM for version 22 has been fixed, and the issue with export from Tekla was improved in version 23
    Case #Description
    00042959An issue with missing welds in Member has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00044147The error "API Request for RCS failed", while running the RCS-IOM API examples from GitHub is resolved

    Version 23.1.2

    Released December 12, 2023

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00039453The issue about the cut operation related to this case has been repaired 
    00041557A warning has now been added when creating general sections using cold-formed sections.  The welding of such sections in this manner is not recommended
    00042281An issue with welded cross sections has been fixed, and warnings have now been added
    Case #Description
    00042514The problem with detailed report generation in the Beam application was solved
    00042879Fixed crashing of Beamm app during deflections calculation
    00043184Fixed generation of incomplete reports in the Beam app
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00037839The problem with importing combinations from Checkbot to Member has been solved
    00041464Fixed manufacturing operation Cuts of member while importing model from Tekla structures through IDEA Checkbot.
    00042010Fixed wrong import of tapered sections into IDEA StatiCa BIM from midas Civil
    00042014The messaging was improved when updating the model or merging members in Checkbot
    00042024The issue with the local axis and importing of internal forces from RFEM has been fixed
    00042392An issue with additional operations after import from Tekla has been fixed
    00042466There was an issue between  TSD 2023 and Idea StatiCa 23.1, and it was solved by updating .NET 6.0
    00042566The issue related to the load import from Robot has been fixed
    00043056An issue with the wrong geometrical type of member imported from AS has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00041216The issue when the stiffener was created at the wrong position was fixed
    00041411An issue with the operation stiffener has been fixed
    00042002Export of anchors using IFC fixed
    00042059Fixed wrong calculation of concrete breakout cone area for a group of tensioned anchors
    00042207Resolved multiple butt welds over each other to run the analysis
    00042211Adaptation of weld evaluation on tubes
    00042293Corrected calculation of effective stress area in concrete breakout strength
    00042310Fixed failing application of complex connection from Connection library on clean connection in Connection app
    00042450Cleat operation with asymmetrical cleat CS generated broken geometry. Problem was fixed
    00042498The angle of the stiffening plate has to be set the same as the angle of the connected member
    00042597An issue with ARC segments in the DXF import process for custom plates has been fixed
    00042668Issue with wrong image size in Connection app report, if 4K resolution in Windows is used, was fixed
    00042730Fixed possible crash when deleting or clean materials and the automatic weld is used
    00042841Fixed possible crash when deleting or clean materials and the automatic weld is used
    00042880Openings are correctly exported to the IFC model
    00042951Fixed possible crash when deleting or clean materials and the automatic weld is used
    00042952Fixed possible crash when deleting or clean materials and the automatic weld is used
    00043025The issue with Connection app crashing during closing file was fixed
    00043268The issue related to starting the Connection app has been fixed
    00043432Fixed possible crash when deleting or clean materials and the automatic weld is used
    00043542An issue with IFC Export has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00042525The issue with the DXF import has been fixed
    00042614The issue with applying reinforcement was fixed, and calculation was performed 
    00042837The issue with the DXF import has been fixed
    00043190The calculation of SLS combinations has been fixed
    00043435The issue with the DXF import has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00042533An issue with adding point loads in Member has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00036380The shear calculation has been improved and implemented
    00042274Icon for MPRL launch was added into RCS for easier solution of duplicities in MPRL
    00043229In RCS, the wrong identification of concrete cover for crack width calculation was fixed

    Version 23.1.1

    Released November 21, 2023

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00042379Crashes of the reinforcement editor during material edit were fixed
    Case #Description
    00041323Additional information about how increments R(i) are converted into internal forces were provided
    00042090The problem with wrong deformations and internal forces in TDA analysis when changing the position of supports was fixed
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00029824Orientation of cross-section type AEP/AUP is now imported correctly from Robot 
    00039574Fix in reading the correct load into Connection from Checkbot
    00039989Fixed labels of combinations in Results
    00040308The issue with importing combinations from Checkbot to Connection has been fixed
    00041378The problem with the SFK error message when exporting Checkbot has been solved
    00041812Incorrect display of bolts and welds corrected
    00041847An issue with a disconnected network drive has been identified and the error trapped
    00041963Improved warning message in Checkbot, when exporting to SAF file in Scia Engineer fails
    00042017An issue with missing bolts in a connection import from Advance Steel has been fixed
    00042056The issue with the BIM link for Axis7 has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00040605The ACI code check for the concrete sideface blowout was fixed. The issue was in the 'greater than' operator
    00040617The calculation of the stiffness of connection for more activated combinations has been fixed
    00040832The calculation report when using stand-off anchors was corrected
    00041168The issue with the cut operation has been fixed
    00041311Fixed geometry issue that occurs when editing the position of bolt holes in exploded bolt hole pattern
    00041698The problem with the IFC export of the model with Rod members is fixed
    00041734Doubled fillet weld in the IFC file corrected
    00041835A problem with some older connection files has been found and corrected
    00041850The missing rod in the IFC file corrected
    00041887The issue with unsymmetric stress distribution has been fixed
    00041905The problem with boundary lines around images in the report is solved
    00042004The wrong position of bolts in the IFC file corrected
    00042015The problem with the mesh generation error has been solved
    00042065In case of low-level loading or many contacts, some adaptation of setup is needed. Model and mesh: The number of analyses and Divergent iterations count should be doubled
    00042087The issue with the bolts' position during exporting the IFC file has been fixed
    00042195An issue with incorrect bolt position in the IFC file export from the Connection application has been fixed
    00042198The issue with incorrect language in the Design tab solved
    00042337The visualization of the bolts that used to appear to be hanging in the air has been corrected and the IFC file now opens as expected
    00042712The issue with opening certain connections with concrete has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00042280Delete all feature is working now
    Case #Description
    00041267The bug in the license agent has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00032604The 1D rod member has been added to IDEA StatiCa Member
    00041735Fixed issue when a reinforced concrete beam in the Member app was loaded by shear Y and Z direction in separate load cases. In detailed results, there were 3 shear planes reinforcement in the Y direction instead of 2
    00041743Fixed the problem when applying connection design for a node directly in Member (Apply CON) causing a shift of stiffening members or stiffening plates in the created connection
    00041799Rigid supports don't cause the errors anymore
    00041965Corrected results of Footing with a gap
    Case #Description
    00040153Interaction check now considers the Chi factor for circular sections
    00040956The problem with results for fatigue check in RCS is solved
    00041441Fixed issue with missing sectional check result in report
    00041556The issue connected with stirrups modeling has been fixed
    00041795The report for RCS for Spanish has been fixed
    00042075The problem error message Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation has been solved
    00042093The issue connected with stirrups modeling has been fixed
    00042094The issue connected with stirrups modeling has been fixed
    00042123The issue connected with stirrups modeling has been fixed

    Version 23.1.0

    Released October 26, 2023

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00040761The A588 steel material from the AISC database has the corrected design values
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00039362Results for stepped load cases in Robot were incorrectly imported to Checkbot. Ste stepped load cases are not supported in version 23.1 so they will be ignored in the import
    00039488The issue with importing from Robot has been fixed
    00039923Fixed the issue with reading the global eccentricities on inclined members, data import replaced with the correct transformation into LCS
    00039930The issue between Idea StatiCa v23 and AxisVM 7 (BIM link plugin) has been fixed
    00040235The ETABS and IDEA Statica plugin is working correctly
    00040308The issue with importing that occurred in version 23 has been fixed
    00040409Fixed import of data from SAF files to Checkbot (e.g., from FEM-Design) by improving the reading of unsupported signs in the Windows user name
    00040594The issue with BIM Links AxisVM 7 is fixed
    00040600Fixed import of members with eccentricities defined in nodes
    00040785Fixed the error of displaying members in the opened Connection project after merging ended members into a continuous one in Checkbot
    Case #Description
    00038795The issue with a report for the named section has been fixed
    00039429Fixed anchor tensile force for stand-off anchor tensile resistance check formula in CSA.
    00039826The incorrect position of an inclined stiffener at the end of the column aligned with a connected beam has been fixed 
    00039966For the selected error messages the explanation has been added
    00040100The plate behavior was fixed. It will follow the inclination now.
    00040206The cut operations of negative volumes were fixed. The mesh will be generated correctly.
    00040711The plate behavior was fixed. It will follow the inclination now.
    00040870The issue with adding welds to rotated plates and members was fixed
    00040918The issue with wrong reduced strength in weld when thick plates are used is fixed
    Case #Description
    00036121The new bond model for SLS has fixed the issue with nonrealistic deflections
    00041078The issue with wrongly copying load effects from the permanent load case to the variable load case in the detail app is fixed
    Case #Description
    00039541The issue related to the correct showing of the current seat usage has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00039866The internal member solver has been adjusted to allow for larger meshes as a result of bigger models
    00040159The problem with missing related members in the load table, which caused a crash while opening was fixed
    00040604The issue with opening a connection in the connection app through the member app is fixed. 
    00040916The new version has fixed the opening of the file itself
    Case #Description
    00035495The issue of wrong applying of check on the maximum height compression zone with the Dutch national annex has been solved by making the check optional
    00038011The issue of wrong applying of check on the maximum height compression zone with the Dutch national annex has been solved by making the check optional
    00039879The method for mandrel part and shear area of reinforcement calculation has been fixed

    Version 22.1.6 hotfix

    Released Oct 17, 2023

    Patch Fix of Tekla BIM link issues.

    Version 21.1.9

    Released Oct 17, 2023

    Licensing update.

    Version 23.0.5

    Released October 2, 2023

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00039332The issue with slow calculation has been resolved
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00039215An issue with BIM Link in SCIA has been resolved
    00039313An issue with importing member eccentricity from RFEM6 has been resolved
    00039456An issue impacting Tekla Structural Designer (TSD) exports, whereby operations could not be deactivated and load cases could not be accessed has been resolved
    00039536The algorithm for allocating continuous and ended members when using Checkbot has been improved
    00039740AD 2024.0.1 has been tested for steel and concrete. All works properly
    00039862SAF allows the import of more than one cross-section with the same UniqueName now
    Case #Description
    00038825An issue with the calculation of footing has been resolved
    00038932The utilization of bolts is calculated correctly. So there is a correct result compared with DR
    00038961The issue with a sudden change of re-ordering project items was solved
    00039247This issue could not be reproduced, so we have marked it as closed
    00039311An issue with the load mapping algorithm has been resolved
    00039377Corrected collision warning in case of a hole in a plate
    00039444Exporting a report to the doc file in other languages works correctly
    00039538Fixed a bug with a warning in detailing limit value of weld throat thickness for hollow sections, where the limit value should be 2,5 mm instead of 4 mm as per DIN EN 1993-1-8 – NA to 4.5.2 / FprEN 1993-1-8:2023 – 6.9(4)
    00039661The automatic recognition of packing plates for the calculation of the Bp factor has been improved
    00039765An issue with the buckling analysis in the case of two concrete blocks within one project has been fixed
    00040025The issue with saving the projects was solved
    00040182Weld definition that causes this issue was repaired
    Case #Description
    000392081mm diameter for rebars can be input and calculated
    Case #Description
    00037294The problem with the number of points in the cross-section defined by the polyline was resolved
    00037478An issue with the import of members from RFEM5 has been resolved
    00038536An issue with calculation after import from Robot has been resolved
    Case #Description
    00034121The calculation of fatigue according to the German annex was fixed
    00037554The φef is now taken into account according to 1992-1-1  5.8.4
    00039542Fatigue calculation in RCS was corrected

    Version 23.0.4

    Released September 1, 2023

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00038826The Detail application instability when selecting one of the predefined templates for a Cross joint structure has been fixed
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00036772Problem with IOM / Sofistic import of the geometry and cross-sections fixed
    00037304Error importing from SAP2000 through checkbot has been resolved
    00037337Error importing from SAP2000 through checkbot has been resolved
    00038248The issue with export from Tekla to Viewer was fixed
    00038302An issue with synchronizing the model after deleting some members in the global model has been resolved
    00038754An issue regarding combinations of combinations in SAP2000 has been fixed
    00038823Fixed load combination generation algorithm
    Case #Description
    00038137An issue with general section geometry, which caused an interruption of analysis, was resolved
    00038389Issue with blank 3D scene corrected
    00038405Workaround was provided for instability issues caused by mechanisms with slotted holes
    00038592Shear resistance for anchors with a lever arm is now checked as per EN 1992-4 §7.38 where applicable, with utilization based on §7.54 ignored/omitted in those cases
    00038725An issue with exporting the report to .doc file has been resolved
    00038829An issue with general section geometry, which caused an interruption of analysis, was resolved
    00038844The cause of discrepancies between EPS Stop at limit strain analyses and the predicted joint capacity determined using Joint Design Resistance (DR) analyses has been rectified. The two methods should now converge to a single predicted joint capacity under the applied loading
    00038902An issue with displaying incorrect values for bolt forces in a 3D scene corrected
    00038922Load table actualization was fixed
    00039015An issue with different sizes of the Manufacturing operations window in the Connection application has been fixed by adding a scroll bar
    Case #Description
    00038249The definition of the bent-up bars was fixed. Either the issue with the inclined bar was fixed
    Case #Description
    00038702The issue with adding end forces by related members has been resolved.
    00038708An issue with the wrong position of a doubler in Member app was resolved

    Version 23.0.3

    Released July 28, 2023

    Case #Description
    00037674Fix crashing document in the Tendon designer.
    00038285Beam Tendon module - fix of cable geometry import from DXF format. 
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00036559SAP2000: An error message is thrown when the user tries to import an unsupported load
    00037200An issue with unbalanced forces after import to the Checkbot application caused by members' opposite X-axis direction in STAAD.Pro has been fixed
    00037339A bug was fixed between Checkbot and RFEM V6.02.0068 and 6.02.0070
    00037834The issue with the generation of reports in MS Word for the BIM link Midas Civil has been fixed
    00037845An issue with importing the data from Advance Steel 2023 has been fixed
    00037899An issue with importing the data from RSTAB8 has been fixed
    00037992 An issue with licensing approval for Checkbot in Tekla has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00028930The packing factor not being calculated correctly for cases with multiple bolt grids is now fixed
    00035358Different kinds of filler plates (packing plates) are now recognized correctly, and reduction of bolt shear strength is applied accordingly
    00037172A new algorithm for assigning plates as packers has been developed and implemented
    00037902Weld to RHS - Presentation of weld results improved to reflect different materials
    00038023The Plate to plate operation on a circular cross-section inserts bolts in the wrong place during the initial insertion - corrected
    00038024Corrected the issue with incorrect highlighting members in the 3D scene when the operation End plate was used
    00038203Added hint for a user for non-conform cut-outs in tubes
    Case #Description
    00034109Crack widths under concentrated loads are now calculated more precisely
    00038268Detail featured a bug preventing the user from selecting and modifying load impulses within a load case and has now been fixed
    Case #Description
    00036517The issue with a wrong reference of weld edges in the Member app was fixed
    00037518An issue with discrepancies in the connection models between Connection and Member apps has been fixed
    00038272An issue when shifted endplate operation generates incorrect beam length in the Member application has been fixed
    00038455Weld fix for some cases of a rod with a smaller diameter and notched plate
    Case #Description
    00037635Corrected wrong input in the protocol - dutch version
    00037951An issue causing an error in the Beam application when modifying a cross-section's parameters has been fixed
    00038060Fixed stability of Rcs response calculation so equilibrium is found

    Version 23.0.2

    Released Jun 29, 2023

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00033180Compound members defined in RFEM result in defining a new user section in IDEA StatiCa Connection when using the BIM Link
    00037699The issue connected with swapping the material properties for the cold-form general section has been fixed
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00035371Models from RAM Structural System V23 can now be used in Checkbot to import the model geometry and load combinations
    00035678The improvements with localization of eccentricity on the general section have been improved and fixed
    00035988An issue with missing material properties for concrete after the import from AxisVM has been fixed
    00036472The issue with opening Checkbot from SAP2000 version 24 solved
    00036744An issue with import from SAP2000 to the Checkbot application for a specific project has been fixed
    00036770Fix of an import of RHS profiles being imported as a rectangle from Robot Structural Analysis
    00036944The problem with importing timber elements to Checkbot has been fixed
    00037291An issue with importing the data from RFEM6 has been fixed
    00037354Fixed import of openings in general cross-sections from SAF
    Case #Description
    00034618Relevant parts in the report are correctly translated now (in Dutch)
    00036603An issue with creating backing plates has been fixed
    00036798An issue with correct buckling shapes' visualization for steel-to-timber connections, when the 1D textures functionality was on, has been fixed
    00036839It can now be modeled without any error issue
    00037096It is now possible to calculate the issued connection in AISC
    00037121Bearing check with alpha_b is now visible if UserMode=16 is activated
    00037252An issue with welds between the web and flange in welded sections was fixed. In some situations, when a more complex cut operation was used, welds were not generated
    00037322An issue regarding anchors in an edited baseplate has been fixed
    00037446Automatic zooming out of pictures saved in the gallery has been fixed
    00037576Fix of large circular end plate connection with model convergence problems
    Case #Description
    00036358An issue with calculations stopping mid-process in Detail has been fixed
    00036634An issue with running the calculation in Member App has been solved
    00037332The model was investigated and the solution was sent to the user. Specified corrupted files need to be removed to save the model
    Case #Description
    00035349Allowable stress interval is calculated in the right way (ξ · sigmaRsk(N*)) but it is limited by a limit yield strength of 500 MPa
    00036252Fixed calculation of a general cross-section - the minimal size of a mesh element
    00036336Updated generation/regeneration of reinforcement, which is defined as layers
    00036621Discrepancies in results between Beam and RCS App have been fixed
    00036655Interaction for sections under 100% is now evaluated as satisfactory
    00037300The check of maximum depth of the compressive concrete zone according to the Dutch annex. This is performed just for beams subjected to bending
    Case #Description
    00035128The issue with displaying a general cross-section in the Viewer solved
    00035525The issue with the wrong display of the joint with a Cut operation in Viewer corrected
    00036857An issue with opening some ideaCon files in Viewer was fixed
    00036959The issue with a Generic error in the Viewer solved
    00036971An issue with opening some ideaCon files in Viewer was fixed

    Version 23.0.1

    Released Jun 1, 2023

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00034579The issue with the incorrect comparison of Fu and Fy in material properties
    00035892The issue with the deletion of custom materials in the MPRL editor is fixed
    00036701The fillet welds generation between the web and flanges in the I profile shear lug is fixed
    Case #Description
    00036483Fixed issue in reduced report generation. Now it is possible to switch off internal forces
    00036573The information about deflections for composite sections was rewritten
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00032347Fixed wrong export of cross-section in STAAD.Pro
    00034272Exporting the complicated composite section from Beam to Detailhe will not fail anymore
    00035261Fixed incorrect export of force and moment components when a combination contains the same load case twice in STAAD.Pro
    00035546The issue with the wrong buckling factor for rod members has been fixed
    00035563The issue with the import of the 2U cross-section from RSTAB has been fixed
    00035697The issue with Tekla export is solved
    00035911Corrected issue with data import from RFEM
    00036009Fix of transfer of load combinations from RFEM
    00036120Corrected member cross-section orientation after export from STAAD.Pro to Member
    Case #Description
    00034581Influence of shear force when using rod cross-section corrected 
    00035026The coefficient for filler plates in the Australian Code corrected
    00035124The assigning of the negative volume was fixed
    00035311Corrected weld constraints for symmetrical beam-to-beam end plate connection to give symmetrical results in weld stress
    00035669The issue with .dxf is solved
    00035741The issue with disconnected plates of the U profile has been fixed
    00035750Load extreme selection functionality has been extended by one condition comparing stresses in members
    00035808An issue with missing templates in Connection Library due to cloud storage temporary error has been fixed
    00035829Operation Connecting plate when rod cross-section used was corrected
    00035927The issue with empty section views has been fixed
    00035933Several meshing issues have been identified and fixed
    00035950The issue with missing fillet welds after import from Advance Steel has been fixed
    00035970Partial safety factors for both welds and bolts in fire design are now available
    00035997The issue with identical names of loads corrected
    00036034The situation about buckling analysis and negative values was fixed
    00036095Fix of an error when generating a report
    00036111The issue with meshing around the bolt opening solved
    00036122The issue with missing welds of the welded section has been fixed
    00036128Mesh generation error - fix of a cut with an offset
    00036163The issue with mesh generating was fixed
    00036199Warning for incorrect input of geometry added
    00036209Welds no longer disappear when Y or Z eccentricity exceeds 1 mm
    00036226A bug in the Report generation was fixed
    00036242The issue with the discontinuity of welded cross-sections was fixed
    00036260Fixed blank report page
    00036324There was an issue regarding welded compound sections and eccentricities that has now been fixed
    00036327An issue with partially missing welds of a general welded section when setting an eccentricity of a member has been fixed
    00036433The weld size now includes intervals of 1/16 inch when using imperial units
    00036476The cut operation applied on Stub operation and circular sections was fixed
    00036509The issue with the error in the report is solved
    00036540Section model views fixed
    00036637Workaround is provided for issues with support in image in a report 
    Case #Description
    00035523The calculation issue of the model in the general position was fixed
    Case #Description
    00035104Corrected issue with meshing in  the anchoring operation
    Case #Description
    00034663The issue with the nonconformity message for the crack width check in Dutch is solved
    00034933The issue with minimum reinforcement in RCS is solved
    00035481The issue regarding shear force capacity in RCS is solved
    00035495The issue with art 6.1(9) from the Dutch national annex has been solved
    00035765The issue with the order of sections in the report in RCS is solved
    00036495Fixed shear and torsion interaction for zero torsion or zero shear cases
    00036620The wrong identification of shear reinforcement in the 2D section interaction check was fixed

    Version 23.0.0

    Released Apr 26, 2023

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00034818An issue that generated a negative internal radius for a user-defined cold-formed section has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00034296In IDEA StatiCa Beam the user can select to perform the deflection check under either the quasi-permanent combination or the characteristic one. Also, there is now a clear notification that the value of ξ should be explicitly set by the user if it is different than the one defined in the Eurocodes
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00031467An issue that results in some loads being missed from the Robot Structural Analysis BIM link has been resolved
    00033702Several issues regarding sections and load effects with the RFEM6 BIM link have been identified and fixed
    00034106Import of internal forces has been fixed by export to IDEA StatiCa Checkbot
    00034171Import of the circular hollow section for parametrized profile was fixed
    00034300Failing export of connections from STAAD.Pro to Checkbot fixed
    00034371The issue with the import of parallel flat bars from RFEM has been fixed
    00034676The problem with Tekla export was solved
    00034691The error message "Unable to import cross-section" when importing connections from RFEM 6 resolved
    00034732An issue with the incorrect (opposite) direction of the concrete block and anchors in the baseplate connection after the import to the Checkbot app has been fixed
    00034764Issues with specific operations of connections after opening the structure as a whole in the Member application have been fixed
    00034774Incorrect import of RHS (rotating about the main axis) from SCIA Engineer fixed
    00034835The issue with the import of load effects from RStab has been fixed
    00034996The wrong import of forces from AXIS VM model to Checkbot was fixed
    00034997The issue with the graphical representation of hollow profiles imported from RFEM has been fixed
    00035064The error message "Duplicated load case" when importing connections from RFEM 6 resolved
    00035314The issue with incorrect geometry of the parametric cross-section imported from RFEM has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00032093The problematic cut and weld in Connection were fixed
    00032498The bug consisting of showing the wrong result of the buckling factor for a rod connected by a connecting plate operation in certain connection models resolved
    00032879Incorrect results in checks of symmetrical anchoring with beta angle 0° and 180° fixed
    00033014The Connection Library template was updated and fixed
    00033735The problematic cut of a tube by another tube was fixed
    00033893Cut of a diagonal by a work plane was implemented
    00034034Problem with detecting multiple anchor groups when going through multiple plates and determining the effective area required for the concrete breakout checks resolved
    00034183The the issue with the incorrect definition of the free edge has been fixed
    00034236Tha tab with summary results for HT analysis has been added to the report
    00034240The incorrect definition of stiffeners was fixed
    00034362An issue impacting the .pdf export from the Report tab has been fixed, the sizes should now correspond to a standard A4
    00034553Issue with missing borders and headings at the exported tables to DOC file was solved
    00034596Issue with wrong results in the Developer mode corrected
    00034693Issue with missing borders and headings at the exported tables to DOC file was solved
    00034798Problem with an anchor missing in the calculation fixed
    00034811The messaging of "out of scope" issues was enhanced
    00034836The issue with Tekla export to IDEA was solved
    00034870It was not really a bug, but issue was explained more clearly to the client.
    00034892Issue with missing Weld and Plate name symbols in the Connction app - Section view has been resolved
    00034960Issue with missing borders and headings at the exported tables to DOC file was solved
    00035054Issue with missing borders and headings at the exported tables to DOC file was solved
    00035229Issue with missing symbols / remarks in sections was solved
    00035478Issue with missing borders and headings at the exported tables to DOC file was solved
    00035479Different results were obtained when cutting members by different methods. Now the issue is fixed
    00035490Issue with missing borders and headings at the exported tables to DOC file was solved
    00035499Issue with missing borders and headings at the exported tables to DOC file was solved
    00035506Bug with green check even though u.c. > 100% was solved
    Case #Description
    00032833Issue with the graphical representation of crack results has been fixed.
    00033570The utilization of reinforcement bars is already taken from the stress output and not from the strain. More transparent code-check for the users
    00034627Automatic numbering of added subregions was fixed
    00035016The issue with the specific length of corbel has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00033084Support options for analyzed members that do not have any effect hidden and left only for the related members
    00035162The bug with switching inter foces values of Vy and Vz when importing load effects from one connection project to another for members with channel sections resolved
    Case #Description
    00034121The parameteres of the steel were corrected. The Category 2 was set as default
    00034492The issue regarding crack width calculations steel stresses that exceed the yield strength has been solved
    00034733Calculation of the effective width for TT beam in RCS has been fixed
    00035000The issue regarding torsion interaction in RCS has been solved
    00035069The issue with wrong Dutch explanation in RCS stress limitation check was solved
    00035089The issue regarding interaction of V+T to determining Fsw in RCS has been solved

    Version 22.1.6

    Released Apr 27, 2023

    Licensing update.

    Version 22.1.5

    Released Mar 14, 2023

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00032443The broken file has to be removed from the project file manually. Then the new calculation will work correctly
    00033070UIX improvement has been implemented so that the list of loads effect does not expand after each operation modification 
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00031663The issue with not importing non-standard cross-sections from SAP2000 using the Checkbot application has been fixed
    00032090DUENQ cross-section and user-defined material are now imported and displayed in Checkbot
    00032909The Cut operation works correctly now for the imported incline member
    00032938The issue with the freezing of Checkbot after synchronization with AxisVM corrected
    00033200An issue with plate orientation in Tekla has been identified and fixed
    00033206The problem with Checkbot was fixed
    00033560An issue with import from SCIA Engineer to Checkbot has been identified and fixed
    00033687connection are now imported to Checkbot as expected
    Case #Description
    00030887An issue with using rectangular hollow cross-sections used in truss models in the Connection application has been fixed
    00033052Corrected the behavior of the Local deformation checkbox
    00033181A bug with the infinite stiffness of a connection at specific internal forces was fixed
    00033277The error message in report generation with formulas switched on and timber members was fixed
    00033315Removed empty pages from the report in the student version
    00033544Fixed error in updated operation PCUT for connection projects imported from CAD software
    00033546The calculation of bending moment in anchors with stand-off was updated. Now, a bending moment in anchors is calculated by FEM with respect to the stiffness of the base plate. Previously, the moment was calculated simply as transverse force V multiplied by the length of the anchor
    00033716The issue with the missing parts of a circle stiffener on tubes corrected
    00033718An issue with the use of negative volumes for multiple cuts was identified and fixed
    00033915Fix of a stiffener weld around the tubular member
    Case #Description
    00033834Incorrect visualization of the reactions in supports and their units in the report in the Detail application has been corrected
    Case #Description
    00033338The issue with the missing view of the result when GMNIA > 100% was corrected
    00034056The problem with anchored connections in the member application was fixed
    Case #Description
    00033094The unit of curvature in the RCS M-N-K diagram has been added
    00033434The combination of standard calculation and fatigue was not working simultaneously. The issue has been fixed
    00033475The effective height of the cross-section is now shown properly in RCS
    00033844An issue with defining shear reinforcement (links) for 2D elements in RCS has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00031039Corrected the appearance of the cut plate after export into DWG

    Version 22.1.4

    Released Feb 13, 2023

    Case #Description
    00032099The issue with running the Tendon module in AxisVM link solved
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00032436STAAD.Pro BIM link: The bug with loads not being imported when Metric units were used has been fixed
    00032614Wrong import of solid track section from MIDAS fixed
    00032663The issue with the import of XML from Modest solved
    00032862STAAD.Pro BIM link: The bug with member orientation has been fixed
    00032911STAAD.Pro BIM link: The bug with loads not being imported when Metric units were used has been fixed
    00033003The translation is correct now
    00033010The bug with exporting from Tekla to IDEA leading to the wrong orientation of strip member has been fixed
    00033012A problem when mapping cold-formed sections in Checkbot has been resolved
    00033020STAAD.Pro BIM link: The bug with loads not being imported when Metric units were used has been fixed
    Case #Description
    00030474A warning about the bolts in timber loaded out of the software scope has been added. The bolts can be analyzed in shear only
    00030761Welds on continuous members in the Operation Cut corrected
    00031902Improve the cut of a plate manufacturing operation on a circular stiffening member
    00032487A bug generated by activating the plate clash check was fixed
    00032508Corrected the appearance of clash warning in welded splice operation
    00032557Fixed possible crash when calculating Connection or Detail projects on older Windows subversions, solved by installing the latest Visual C++ Redistributables
    00032593The automatic welds are created in the
    PCUT operation
    00032739Corrected the behavior of the order of operations Contact and Welds
    00032777The user is now informed how to set units properly to prevent incorrect rounding
    00032795Spelling mistakes should be corrected now
    00032810Lengths of partial welds are now listed correctly in the results table/report
    00032936The ordering of the welds will not stop the calculation.
    00032944Bolt shear utilization ratio for pre-loaded bolts is now shown in the bolts results table
    00033030XLS import corrected
    Case #Description
    00032521Occasional wrong trim of group of stirrups along openings fixed
    00033292The divergence of non-linear calculation when wire fabric reinforcement is applied was solved 
    Case #Description
    00032740The issue with bolts solved
    Case #Description
    00032506The possibility of generating MNK diagram in both strong and weak directions for a cross-section in RCS has been fixed
    00032784Displaying of the cross-section with more parts in the second phase is correct now

    Version 22.1.3

    Released Jan 19, 2023

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00031529Set material of cold-formed cross-sections correctly
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00029340MIDAS link: Nonconformity was added, and materials on the web were corrected
    00029761UI in Checkbot improved in the right section of the window (cells are aligned to the right)
    00031024Improved reading of data from Tekla and the US environment with Mexican cross-sections and materials
    00031314Error importing material from TS2021 to Idea Statica Checkbot solved
    00031703A problem with ETABS and SAP2000 was identified and a shirt term workaround issued
    00031804An incorrect section mapping from Tekla Structures was fixed
    00031863Fix of IDEA StatiCa BIM failure during deflection calculation
    00031878A problem with inconsistent sections, materials, and bolt databases has been identified in Tekla Structures, and a fix was created
    00031920Import of RFEM internal forces on members with internal nodes was corrected
    00032100After starting the Checkbot by the plugin, a new project can be created now
    00032233An internal check was written to look for certain characters in label names within Robot that cause errors when using Checkbot
    Case #Description
    00029681Topology improvement in the created templates
    00029780Computational model fix for welds links of unsymmetrical welds
    00030900The Plate Clash Check warning was fixed for stiffened openings.
    00030975An issue with the template's application to a blank connection using the Connection Browser functionality has been fixed in the latest patch
    00031096Corrected import of loads using Excel table
    00031253AISC: corrected description of code version in the report for bolts
    00031348Incorrect member definitions within the RHS/SHS ranges can cause IDEA to crash on exit - identified and fixed
    00031383Incorrect member definitions within the RHS/SHS ranges can cause IDEA to crash on exit - identified and fixed
    00031574Improvements in cut operation for the plates if the negative volume is used
    00031755In the Connection app, the critical load case name in the Shear result table was not always displayed correctly
    00031828The online server was optimized for publishing and downloading the Connection Browser design templates
    00031858The mapping of material for Connection Browser proposals was fixed. Nevertheless, some of the old design templates should be recreated
    00031919Problem with weld link fixed - mesh is OK
    00032184MPRL import: Dimension issue while importing bolt assemblies with CSV file solved
    00032400Solver for partially supported members was enhanced
    00032408Fixed geometry data in the report table of members, which are defined by 3D vector
    Case #Description
    00032162Some corrections in page breaks of the report
    Case #Description
    00031604An issue with the program crash when importing thin-walled profiles solved
    Case #Description
    00029604Stiffness is calculated correctly now
    00032142Stress limitation check for characteristic combination is now performed correctly for exposure class X0, XC, XA when Belgian code is selected.
    00032377A table of contents in the student version was added

    Version 22.1.2

    Released Dec 5, 2022

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00030327Turkish regional format works correctly now
    Case #Description
    00027676Atipycaly modeled beams can be calculated correctly
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00029775The issue connected with import of haunches from AD 23.0.1 has been fixed
    00030211Fixed incorrect notch cuts of members imported to Viewer for Tekla Structures
    00030689The issue associated with a Checkbot crash when an empty results class was selected has been fixed
    00030812Missing formulas for welds - corrected
    Case #Description
    00028506The singularity detected on the concrete block has been moved to the next development phase
    00029494Issue of missing values was solved
    00030554Corrected the visualization of welds at inclined members
    00030783Fixed incorrect determination of psiM,N used in Concrete breakout resistance anchor in tension check
    00030907The issue with the check of preloaded bolts according to Chinese standard was solved
    00030978The issue with the removal of stiffener plate was solved
    00030997Error with changing the Stiffener type (in Shifted end plate operation) from 'Full' to 'None' was fixed
    00031009Incorrect reporting of Design Resistance with anchors has been fixed
    00031108Problems when copying loads from Excel have been fixed
    00031126Switching between the analysis types - error message fixed
    00031154Error with changing the Stiffener type (in Shifted end plate operation) from 'Full' to 'None' was fixed
    00031302Errors in the bolt group dialog, when a shear lug was selected, have been fixed
    00031308The issue with removal of stiffener plate was solved
    00031324Bolt bearing checks when in slotted holes have been solved
    Case #Description
    00028768The equilibrium issue is solved
    00030924The issue with short-term losses is solved
    Case #Description
    00030548The member with TT cross-section can be calculated now
    00031110The graphics associated with connections in Checkbot and Connection have been harmonized
    Case #Description
    00028487Issue with sigma cp was solved
    00028921Issue with brittle failure was solved
    00030032Issue with RCS fatigue total lifecycle was solved
    00030321The name of the equations was updated according to new SIA
    00030440Issue with RCS fire resistance was solved (interpolation between values from table is now applied)
    00031010The calculation of crack width is corrected
    00031353We had meeting with Lukas Bobek and clarified how IDEA works, also some bugs were resolved
    Case #Description
    00030292Incorrect import of the connection has been solved
    00030426Incorrect import of the connection has been solved
    00030507Incorrect import of the connection has been solved
    00030749Incorrect import of the connection has been solved
    00030750Incorrect import of the connection has been solved
    00030766Incorrect import of the connection has been solved
    00030767Incorrect import of the connection has been solved
    00030829Incorrect import of the connection has been solved
    00030848Incorrect import of the connection has been solved
    00030849Incorrect import of the connection has been solved
    00030854Incorrect import of the connection has been solved
    00030871Incorrect import of the connection has been solved

    Version 22.1.1

    Released Nov 3, 2022

    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00028437A problem with non-linear load case combinations in Robot has been fixed.  They are now imported into Checkbot as expected
    00029440The Clean button in the Materials tab now works with Cross-sections, Materials and Bolt assemblies to delete unused items
    00029761The compound cross-sections from SCIA can be imported to Checkbot now
    00029772The connection can be imported with the correct members and cross-sections
    00029975An issue with zero-length members has been discovered in SCIA and has been reported to their development team
    00030145The issue with saving manually created reinforcement zones in the IDEA BIM application has been fixed
    00030175The slow import of objects from some Tekla Structures models has been identified and fixed
    00030291Reported issues with SAP2000 version 24.1.0 and ETABS 20.3.0 are temporarily overcome by a published workaround until the necessary changes are done by CSI in their API
    Case #Description
    00026316Errors during the process of publishing larger templates in the Connection Browser were fixed
    00028314Errors during the process of publishing larger templates in the Connection Browser were fixed
    00028539The adjustment of tensile stiffness for contact. The factor decreased the stiffness of the tensile branch of the nonlinear spring
    00029147The error is fixed by importing the connection again to the Checkbot
    00029691The overall usage result values for projects with multiple anchoring blocks were corrected.
    Also, the explanation message about effective areas for concrete block code-check was embedded into the result table.
    00029780Issues with bolted plates with a filler in between fixed.
    00029865Clash check warning for the operation CUT corrected 
    00030005Suggested improvements pertaining to Fire Design have been implemented
    00030078An Issue with the XLS import function that changed the order of loads for members was fixed
    00030156Fixed error In the analysis model where there was gamaM2 used instead of gama_M3 to display the value of the overall results as was in the detailed results
    00030213Fixed crash of application with tube welded to a tubular stiffening member on top of another tubular member
    00030241Wrong yield stress values based on the plate thickness fixed
    00030266Wrong yield stress values based on the plate thickness for Indian standard fixed
    00030279Wrong yield stress values based on the plate thickness for Indian standard fixed
    Case #Description
    00029845The increasing speed during the opening of the big project in Detail app
    Case #Description
    00029804The issue with missed loads on connected members in some cases was fixed.
    Case #Description
    00029818An interactive pop-up message regarding the concrete grade and corresponding exposure class has been changed to an informative one.
    00029844The issue with the missing table for the Fire resistance combination was now fixed; the table was added to the table editor.
    00030017The issue with wrong fatigue parameters when using 1992-1-1 and 1992-2 in combination with the Dutch national annex was fixed
    Case #Description
    00030047Fixed issue with Viewer not being able to open project files containing project items with FIR or HT analysis types.

    Version 22.1.0

    Released Oct 10, 2022

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00024580Various corrections made to error messages to help customers understand the error.
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00026252The Advance Design 2023 Bim link has been tested with steel and concrete apps.
    00026499The STAAD.Pro BIM link was updated to the new version including fixes of the export errors.
    00028193The issue with the direction of internal forces according to the principal and local axes has been fixed.
    00028362Direct BIM export from AXIS fixed for tha part of a stucture.
    00028666The STAAD.Pro BIM link was updated to the new version including fixes of the export errors.
    00028749The several nodes can be merged by Merge button in the same node in Checkbot.
    Case #Description
    00024823User account deleted from Connection Lite platform.
    00026856Imperial units for the Stiffnes analysis.
    00027741The grouping has been fixed.
    00027978Issue was with import from tekla. Do the import again and the flange does not split. 
    00028101A wrongly added stiffeners when using the Connection Browser was fixed.
    00028218Preoblem with plates mismatch when applying a design from the Connection Browsed fixed.
    00028359The problem with the stub clashes fixed.
    00028600PCUT operation parametes fixed.
    00028607RHS section import from Tekla error fixed.
    00028671Missing values for bolt shear forces in multi shear plane connections were added for Chinese design code.
    00028772CUT by Negative volume was fixed.
    00029167The linear stress for fatique code- check of anchors has been fixed.
    Case #Description
    00024375The new mesher CM2 is fixing the error for the reactions above the supports using the local remeshing.
    Case #Description
    00028197Problem with the calculation process fixed.
    Case #Description
    00028458The response N-M-M will be activated as default from this version for newly created projects. 
    00028890The problem with the presentation of the results in the last table is fixed for version 22.1. The resulting stiffness for the second-order effect is calculated correctly.
    00029024Bugfix has been finished for one extreme where been showing the weird utilization for N-M-M.
    00029067The spacing of rebars for code-check of cracks has been fixed.

    Version 22.0.5

    Released Sep 9, 2022

    Case #Description
    00028064The program failed after launching the Tendon application. Now it is fixed. The program does not crash. Only default prestressing load cases (PRE, POST) are supported during the TDA. User-defined prestressing load cases are not supported.
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00027844Export of bulk connection items from Checkbot to single file error fixed.
    00027871A problem with member IDs preventing some connection operations has been fixed.
    Case #Description
    00025506Imported weld showing too big deformation for a given configuration of connection of forces problem fixed.
    00026072The issue with the extended base plate solved
    00027376The issue with the anchoring of the general cross-section solved
    00028250The issue with the use of apostrophes in the report notes was solved. 
    00027123Fixed wrong determination of stress in concrete for split baseplate welded together and a column positioned outside the concrete block area. 
    00027834A problem with member IDs preventing some connection operations has been fixed.
    Case #Description
    00028465Detail crashes after removing support using the template dapped end beam. This happened in German mutation. Now it is fixed.
    00028628In the previous version analysis did not start after clicking on "Calculate". Now it is fixed.

    Version 22.0.4

    Released Aug 11, 2022

    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00026516An issue with a missing picture of the structural model in Checkbot after import from AxisVM solved.
    00027262Fix of selection problem of anchoring node in RFEM 5.
    00027621Export a concrete column in SCIA Engineer to IDEA StatiCa Checkbot works now. 
    Case #Description
    00024319Problem with the name of a weld fixed.
    00024655Connection Browser: Fix of geometry recognition when several members are present.
    00025309Problem with incorrect display of fillet welds fixed.
    00025851Connection Browser: Duplicity of the company set prevented.
    00026737Singularity issue with a cut using negative volume on hollow-cross section solved.
    000027086Connection Browser: Fix of geometry recognition when several members are present.
    00027162The corrected range for the factor Effective area - Influence of mesh size in Code setup.
    00027316Corrected anchor area in formulas when the shear plane in a thread is unchecked.
    00027331The detailing of the butt welds has been removed. 
    00027458Missing weld for Cut by surface operation fixed.
    00027546Analysis of a timber connection imported via BIM link fixed for N, Vz, My model type.
    00027806Calculation problem of a project in Chinese standard GB fixed.
    Case #Description
    00027034An offset of the related members' influence corrected.
    Case #Description
    00019865Improved algorithm when assessing interaction diagram for extreme cases of a prestressed concrete section.
    00024967Improved approach when checking detailing rules for reinforced concrete section mainly in compression. The previous versions reported a zero reinforcement ratio for longitudinal reinforcement in tension. Now due to the improved algorithm, this problem does not occur anymore.

    Version 22.0.3

    Released Jul 20, 2022

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00025655Link to online Viewer in the starting app redirected.
    Case #Description
    00026448Corrected issue with generating member after import from AxisVM.
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00026068Fixed the low speed of reading data for extreme numbers of imported nodes at once from Dlubal API (RFEM 5.28 and RSTAB 8.28); more possible improvements only on the side of Dlubal API.
    00026644Shear transfer for bolts is now correctly set after the import by the Viewer plugin.
    00026712An issue with the extension of a project file exported from the Checkbot application has been fixed.
    00026982The maximal distance for connecting members with eccentricity to one joint has been increased.
    Case #Description
    00026242Log in to the Connection Lite fixed.
    00026572Previous saved self-made templates can now be applied to new connections.
    Case #Description
    00026172Lateral-torsional restraint fixed for the top flanges of CFD profiles.
    00026317Corrected issue with the disappearance of the cup plate. 

    Version 22.0.2

    Released Jun 17, 2022

    Case #Description
    00024434An issue with Checkbot not recognizing concrete beams in AxisVM has been fixed.
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00025509An issue with Checkbot not merging beams from RSTAB/RFEM has been fixed.
    00025581An issue with Checkbot material import from Advance Steel has been fixed.
    00025727An issue with the Incorrect angle import of welded I-beam from AxisVM was resolved.
    00026063Export of internal forces for the design of simple base plate connection from RFEM has been fixed. 
    Case #Description
    00011789Welding of a stiffener under the circular cut of a tube fixed.
    00024372The corrected formula for a concrete breakout at symetrical loading in anchor design.
    00025008Fix of DXF curve exported from the stiffness analysis.
    00025168An issue with the disappearing of circular cross-section after the cut operation was resolved.
    00025342Reduction factor beta,p for Shear resistance check (EN1993-1-8 Chapter 3.6.1, tab 3.4, clauses 12 and 13) fixed determination for multiple packing plates and non-preloaded bolts.
    00025391The dialog Position in operation Stiffener is fixed to be visible with all other different settings within this operation.
    00025618Corrected wrong check of bolt distances when using Negative volume operation.
    00025902An issue with taking into account incorrect value for the distance between bolts and the edge of the plates for the detailing check was fixed.
    00025978Corected formula for  M_{pl,Rd} in anchor design.
    00026038An issue with taking into account incorrect value for the distance between bolts and the edge of the plates for the detailing check was fixed.
    Case #Description
    00026143An issue with upgrading IOM integration to version 22 was fixed.
    Case #Description
    00023796Shear check update for circular cross-sections. Now a reduction coefficient "chi" is considered when calculating the shear resistance V_{Rd,s} of circular cross-sections. The maximum value of the chi reduction coefficient is 0.85.
    00025985Bugfix: calculated second order eccentricity was not considered when calculating the interaction diagram and response N-M-M of the cross-section. Now it is fixed.

    Version 22.0.1

    Released May 20, 2022

    Case #Description
    00025343Bugfix: when running the TDA from the Tendon app due to changes in tendon layout, the updated results are now displayed in the Beam app instead of displaying the old results
    00025347Bugfix: change of language does not cause recalculation of the project anymore
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00024261Advance Steel 2022 installation issues fixed
    00024994UI bug in inputting the values in Settings fixed
    00025279An issue with merging members in the Checkbot application was fixed
    00025352Fixed sync and file export problem for particular steel hall project imported to Checkbot from Robot Structural Analysis
    00025656LCS rotation bug of vertical members when exporting to standalone files fixed
    Case #Description
    00019166DWG export from Connection Lite fixed
    00024567Circular stiffener problem fixed
    00024671Fix of reading the custom values of partial safety factors in Settings
    00025011Computational model analysis error fixed
    00025234Weld around a circular stiffening plate fixed
    00025326Weld around a circular stiffening plate fixed
    00025533Circular stiffener problem fixed
    Case #Description
    00023868The general thin-walled section for IDEA StatiCa Member has been fixed. 
    00024299The general thin-walled section issues with welding fixed.
    Case #Description
    00023618Revision of the M-N-Kappa diagram and fixing the stiffness points
    00024831Problem with determining the concrete cover layer thickness fixed.

    Version 22.0.0

    Released Apr 21, 2022

    Case #Description
    00024201An issue with importing user-defined forces via XML file was fixed
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00023288The inconsistency between steel and concrete material after import to IDEA StatiCa BIM from Midas Civil has been fixed
    00023312The Viewer plugin for the Advance Steel export issue fixed
    00024087Corrected broken BIM link for SAP2000.
    Case #Description
    00019402Fixed problem with losing result data from all CONs in one project file after e.g. adding a new cross-section in one CON
    00022272The full extent of a stiffening haunch is now modeled and taken into account in v22.0.0
    00023175Fixed detailing check neglecting specific cases with big and user-defined bolts in one bolt connections close to stiffeners
    00023256The inconsistency between the Axial stiffness table result values and the graphic diagram occurred in some cases. This issue has been fixed
    00023286Corrected exception error after calculation
    00023319The inconsistency between the Axial stiffness table result values and the graphic diagram occurred in some cases. This issue has been fixed
    00023533Corrected exception error during the analysis
    00023650An issue with two different groups of anchors was corrected
    00023746Corrected mesh discrepancy in buckling analysis of specific imported RHS hollow sections
    00023763Calculation error fixed (steel beam on an inclined concrete block)
    00023984An issue with DICAD interference was solved
    Case #Description
    00019023Long calculation time reduced

    Version 21.1.8

    Released Apr 27, 2023

    Licensing update.

    Version 21.1.7

    Released Jan 05, 2023

    Licensing update.

    Version 21.1.6

    Released May 06, 2022

    We improved the way of reserving and releasing license seats in the license pool of your company. New dialogues make it easier to identify which seats are occupied/available. You can also easily define when your seat should return to the pool. Read more about how to Reserve/release seats from the license pool.

    Consequences of changes in the licensing system

    • Only version 21.1.6 can be started with version 22 on the same computer concurrently.
    • If you want to start an older version (20, 20.1, 21.0, 21.1) you need to first log out from IDEA StatiCa 21.1.6 or newer.

    Version 21.1.5

    Released Apr 5, 2022

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00023344Fixed problem with opening older Member projects in version 21.
    00023933Fixed tensile stress area and bolt hole diameter for Australian bolt assembly M36 8.8.
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00022807Fixed appearance of error "of an unrecoverable error" in Checkbot after export from RSTAB
    00023128Fixed appearance of error "There is nothing selected in your application" in Checkbot after export from RFEM
    00023717New Consteel logo implemented
    Case #Description
    00021758Fixed incorrect angle value in the formula for concrete edge failure resistance acc. EN 1992-4 -
    00023018Corrected reduction factor in concrete sideface blowout resistance check in ACI 318 -14 - 17.4.4.
    00023061Tooltip for the concrete A_eff area back in the side scene.
    00023485Fixed problem with incorrect position of the plate when using operation Negative volume
    00023863Corrected description in Status field for Concrete block in the Brief report
    00023938Fixed problem with incorrect bolt size values in the report table
    Case #Description
    00023780Bugfix: Now it is possible to insert custom images in the 3D view from the gallery to the report.

    Version 21.1.4

    Released Feb 18, 2022

    All applications 
    Case #Description
    00022521Missing BS UB and UC sections added into the library
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00021896Wrong orientation of member exported from Robot Structural Analysis fixed
    00022208Checkbot could not be opened from Advance Steel in some cases
    00022389The issue with the synchronization between AxisVM and IDEA StatiCa Checkbot solved 
    00022454Tubular cross-sections could not be exported from STAAD.Pro
    00022712Issues with not importing some parts of the structure from RFEM to IDEA StatiCa via Checkbot were fixed
    00022837The issue with unavailable button Loads in Checkbot (Import from Robot) was solved
    00022878Issues with not importing some parts of the structure from RFEM to IDEA StatiCa via Checkbot were fixed
    00022902An issue with the crash when an opening  node in Checkbot, which was imported from RSTAB, was solved
    00022935TUBE section types in STAAD.Pro are now recognized and can be imported into IDEA Checkbot without causing an error
    00022958An issue with unavailable button Loads in Checkbot (Import from SAP2000) was solved
    00022976An issue with eccentricities export from RFEM into Checkbot was solved
    00022996An issue with wrong import of loads from RFEM (opposite sign) was solved

    An issue with the crash of the conversion table after RSTAB import was solved 
    Case #Description
    00021278The weld detailing check was corrected and improved for the maximum size of fillet weld in T – joints as per AISC 360-16, Chapter J, 2.2b
    00022239Corrected calculation of concentration factor kj corrected for base plates overhanging concrete blocks for concrete block compressive resistance check (EN 1993-1-8 6.2.5)
    00022580An issue with the correct geometry of the gusset plate for timber was solved
    00022702Stiffness diagram curve smoothened for low initial stiffness values in result details of stiffness analysis (ST)
    00022952The incorrect value of the hole diameter in the detailing check according to SP 16 was fixed. The software now automatically selects the correct diameter
    00023083Fix of the report in educational and trial license when using the Russian language
    Case #Description
    00022575A small gap between the walls. The check of the geometry tolerance is till 1e-5m. The calculation issue has been fixed
    00022553An issue with running the Checkbot application for users with the concrete license was fixed. Checkbot is now available in IDEA StatiCa Concrete Expert and Enhanced
    00022817An issue with running the Checkbot application for users with the concrete license was fixed. Checkbot is now available in IDEA StatiCa Concrete Expert and Enhanced

    Version 21.1.3

    Released Jan 14, 2022

    Case #Description
    00022187The discrepancy between the friction coefficient stated in the report chapter 3 and 4 was fixed
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00020445When using the BIM link between Midas Civil and IDEA StatiCa, results due to non-linear temperature are not imported to IDEA StatiCa. A nonconformity was added
    00020536An issue with the export of the trapezoidal beam from the IOM to Beam application was fixed
    00021459Robot Structural Analysis: Fix of wrong identification and rotation of the plate cross-section
    00021597The wrong description of exported material from RFEM was fixed
    00021612The Checkbot interface when deleting connections has been fixed
    00021625An issue with only critical combinations importing to the IDEA StatiCa Connection application was fixed. The software imports all of the combinations now
    00021626An issue with the length of some generated filenames was identified and resolved
    00021713If IDEA was already running SCIA would not export the connection - this is now fixed
    00021757An issue with certain geometrical arrangements of bolts in Tekla has been identified and fixed
    00021829An issue with incorrect direction of imported member in AxisVM fixed
    Case #Description
    00020974Fixed correct choosing of plates in Bearing resistance check under Eurocode for thin-walled complex connections
    00021262Fixed bug of displaying long result value of Concrete edge failure resistance check under Eurocode
    00021334The code-check of the stand-off anchors is not valid for concrete break-out. The asymmetrical bolt operation for heavy anchoring has been fixed
    00021360An issue with analysis when using the butt weld in the baseplate connection was fixed
    00021462Fixed wrong material properties for Tesion resistance check under Chinese code for modified bolts with higher strength
    00021504Fixed incorrect rotational stiffness
    00021550When creating a copy of an EPS project item and afterward switching to ST analysis type, the calculation might have been interrupted due to an overloaded member. Fixed by correcting the process of switching the load effects between EPS and ST analysis
    00021565A problem was identified with the resistance and stiffness of minor axis bending calculations which is now resolved
    00021583Corrected calculation of Mj,Rd for ST analysis changed incorrectly to lower values in patch 21.1.1
    00021594Automatic alignment of the stub with the connected member fixed
    00021676A discrepancy in stiffness analysis has been resolved for initial stiffness values
    00021677Incorrect description of distances between bolts was fixed
    00021799An issue with creating a report in Spanish when Formulas checked was fixed
    00021999An issue with creating report when Code settings checked was fixed
    00022011Fixed problem with applying Connection browser template to a similar node in Member. Topology and geometry matching improved, templates now also include the plate editor operations
    00022014Fixed incorrect result for Mz stiffness in ST analysis for symmetrical anchorings with symmetrical loads applied
    00022513An issue with incorrect results in bolts when wideners were used was fixed
    Case #Description
    00020753The initial state of the cross-section was taken from the ULS diagram instead of the SLS diagram for fatigue code-check. It's been fixed and the initial state of the cross-section for fatigues is coming out of the SLS diagram
    00021675The results of stiffnesses corresponding to quasi-permanent and characteristic combinations are now stated in the result tables in the IDEA StatiCa RSC app. Each combination contains various internal forces N, My, Mz, and critical moment
    00021769The blank report was fixed
    00021880The discrepancy between results for negative and positive settings of the reinforcement zones has been fixed
    00022016An issue with saving the edited cross-section in the RCS application was fixed
    00022240The discrepancy when creating a composite steel-concrete section in IDEA StatiCa RCS was fixed. Now it is not possible to add a steel profile when creating a general cross-section and importing it to IDEA StatiCa RCS

    Version 21.1.2

    Released 20-12-2021

    Case #Description
    00020200The application displayed an incorrect value of maximal compressive stress. Fixed.
    00020345The precision of iteration was increased for RCS application and also for bridge load rating analysis. 
    00020639The report of bridge load rating was fixed for selected design groups in IDEA StatiCa BIM.
    00020724The trouble with the Support button in the Italian language. Fixed.
    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00020755Error message after import of a node from RFEM corrected
    00020884Incorrect import of members and loads from RFEM fixed
    00020924Incorrect behavior of the button Loads  in Checkbot fixed
    00020978Synchronization of members merged in Checkbot with original different cross-sections produced an error. Members must have the same cross-section in the 3rd party model unless they can not be synchronized after merging in Checkbot.
    00021065Disappearing of members in Checkbot's 3D scene when importing from Robot fixed
    00021104Loading the correct number of load cases from Checkbot into Connection fixed
    00021389Fix of problem with a crash when exporting a node from SCIA Engineer 21.1 to the Checkbot.
    00021422Import from Advance Design stops at 80 % fixed
    Case #Description
    00020547Incorrect settings of tensile material diagram for Russian prestressed bolts fixed
    00020633Selection of user-defined materials properties under Indian Standard (IS) fixed. Weld checks specifics as per Eurocode (EN) and Indian Standard (IS)
    00020705Incorrect equilibrium computation from loads applied on import from Tekla Structures fixed
    00020821Fix of a cut by negative volume operation which caused issues with condensed elements
    00020831Fix of a cut by negative volume operation which caused issues with condensed elements
    00020853Code-check of shear for a shear lug under LRFD 2010 fixed.
    00020860Incorrect view of stiffening plate in the Viewer fixed
    00020906Bolts grade was added to the "Grade" column of the check table
    00020976Prolongation of the member after the last operation in the widener fixed
    00021023Selection of user-defined materials properties under Eurocode (EN) fixed. Weld checks specifics as per Eurocode (EN) and Indian Standard (IS)
    00021288Singularities due to unconnected connection parts are now displayed in the scene.
    Case #Description
    00020593The problem with the solver was fixed.
    00020816The problem with the solver was fixed.
    00020882The problem with the solver was fixed.
    00020971The problem with the solver was fixed.
    00021004 Error message with a mesh size of 2mm fixed
    00021010The problem with the solver was fixed.
    00021145The problem with the solver was fixed.
    Case #Description
    00020671Some member models from older versions can not be calculated in version 21.1. The design of the connection needs to be re-applied or updated (e.g. change the edge number of the welded plate to match the correct position).
    00020923Very short line loads (point forces) applied on related members fixed to be taken into account.
    00021189Disappearing of displacement input for GMNA analysis fixed
    Case #Description
    00019865Incorrect display of detailing results in the result summary fixed. 
    00020667Incorrect title in RCS "Stirrups material" replaced for "Material".
    00021460Troubles with "Cross-section user setting" in "Reinforcement editor" in the Polish language were fixed
    Case #Description
    00020516Incorrect export of cross-section to DWG fixed
    00020682Incorrect view of cuts and welds in the Viewer fixed

    Version 21.1.1

    Released Nov 11, 2021

    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00019813Robot Structural Analysis: Potential issue of some nodes not being exported fixed.
    00019835When AISC was selected for BIM link imports, ASD 2016 code was set automatically by default. LRFD or ASD code can be now chosen and set.
    00020266Incorrect import of double angle cross-section caused an error. This has been fixed.
    Case #Description
    00019421Fixed Protocol not displayed.
    00019430Errors found during the creation of a report have been fixed.
    00019700Multiple base plate anchoring models are now recognized correctly for compression contacts.
    00019790Parameter Ry for AISC steel had the wrong value - this is now fixed.
    00019959Content menu in a 3D scene connected to foundation block (stand-off) caused an error.
    00020019Results disappear immediately after the analysis has been fixed.
    00020095The axial stiffness reaches a negative value. The consideration of LCS was neglected.  Now fixed.
    00020101An issue when inserting a hole into a stiffening plate flattens the plate and distorts the results has been fixed.
    00020140Previously deleted pictures of results are no longer displayed in the report.
    00020283An added weld no longer disproportionately lengthens the member.
    00020347Older drivers of an integrated graphic card Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics causes the report to not scroll has been identified.
    00020364Wrong coefficient listed in the text of ACI anchor check formula. Now fixed.
    00020427Minor corrections within the reporting module.
    Case #Description
    00020178The refreshing and rewriting of the load cases with the same name addressing. It leads to incorrect load effects. Fixed.
    Case #Description
    00019405Changes done on already designed connections were not saved in the Member project.  These are now saved.
    00019985Legend for strain level in the 3D window was missing.  Now visible.
    00020316Problems with operations on thin-walled 'C' cross-section.  Fixed.
    00020795The buckling shape was frozen during switching between load cases (the buckling shape was working for the first load case only).  Now works for all load cases.
    Case #Description
    00019770Cold-formed sections can not be welded to make a user-defined cross-section. A new warning was added to use rolled sections instead.
    Case #Description
    00021013The wrong cut of the member was identified and fixed.

    Version 21.1.0

    Released Sep 20, 2021

    BIM links 
    Case #Description
    00017883A detailed report in IDEA StatiCa BIM was not exported to a DOC file.  Corrected.
    00018455Internal forces imported from RSTAB had the opposite direction.  Now fixed.
    00018457Improvements of Dlubal RFEM link  resulting in greater stability. 
    00018766An issue where some members were incorrectly defined as continuous after import from Tekla has been identified and corrected.  
    00019652Axis VM: Double angle cross-section was not recognized and all imports finished with an error.  Corrected.
    00019703Dlubal RFEM import error "The server was unable to process your request due to an internal error" was fixed.
    Case #Description
    00017521The alignment of the stiffening member is now being applied correctly.
    00018618The Operation - Negative volume might cause disintegration of the member.  Issue fixed.
    00019060Correction of the problem where a rod welded into a connecting plate caused a singularity of the model.
    00019099Hatched area of contact stress under a base plate now exports to DXF correctly.
    00019283Cut of tubular members might cause the error: "Err - nasread: Error while parsing". Mesh generator has been fixed.
    00019557An issue with the input of pictures from the gallery into the report might cause a crash of the application has been fixed.
    00019581Manufacturing operation Fin plate might cause singularity of the model. This problem occurred when notch > 0 and the angle of the beam is -180° has been identified and fixed.
    --Calculation of shear capacity of preloaded bolts with slotted holes was modified. Values of reduction factor ks according to EN 1993-1-8 Table 3.6, section 3.9.1 were applied.
    --Improvement of the stiffness analysis - the ratio of applied loads (N, Vy, Vz, Mx, My, Mz) is perfectly proportional now. To learn more check the paragraph "How are the loads applied?" in the related theoretical background document "Stiffness analysis and deformation capacity
    Case #Description
    00018254Change of member profile was not applied to related connections automatically in some cases.
    00019240Linear buckling analysis was not finished when the model contained an anchor with a gap.
    00019317Correction of the problem where the direction of some imported members was not set correctly.
    Case #Description
    00009859Correction of the problem where some parts of the connections were not exported into DWG file.
    00018367Operation STUB was not displayed correctly.
    00019910Members were not being displayed correctly in the case of extension by cut operation.