Solved incidents in IDEA StatiCa patches

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Here you will find a list of the resolved cases as reported by our customers. This is not an exhaustive list but a summary of the major issues/bugs that have been solved. We hope you find it useful.

Version 21.1.1

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Case #Description
19813Robot Structural Analysis: Potential issue of some nodes not being exported fixed.
19835When AISC was selected for BIM link imports, ASD 2016 code was set automatically by default. LRFD or ASD code can be now chosen and set.
20266Incorrect import of double angle cross-section caused an error. This has been fixed.
Case #Description
19421Fixed Protocol not displayed.
19430Errors found during the creation of a report have been fixed.
19700Multiple base plate anchoring models are now recognized correctly for compression contacts.
19790Parameter Ry for AISC steel had wrong value - this is now fixed.
19959Content menu in 3D scene connected to foundation block (stand-off) caused an error.
20019Results disappearing immediately after analysis has been fixed.
20095The axial stiffness reaches a negative value. The consideration of LCS was neglected.  Now fixed.
20101An issue when inserting a hole into a stiffening plate flattens the plate and distorts the results has been fixed.
20140Previously deleted pictures of results are no longer displayed in the report.
20283An added weld no longer disproportionately lengthens the member.
20347Older drivers of an integrated graphic card Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics causes report to not scroll has been identified.
20364Wrong coefficient listed in the text of ACI anchor check formula. Now fixed.
20427Minor corrections within the reporting module.
Case #Description
20178The refreshing and rewriting of the load cases with same name addressing. It lead to incorrect load effects. Fixed.
Case #Description
19405Changes done on already designed connections were not saved in the Member project.  These are now saved.
19985Legend for strain level in the 3D window was missing.  Now visible.
20316Problems with operations on thin-walled 'C' cross-section.  Fixed.
20795The buckling shape was frozen during switching between load cases (the buckling shape was working for first load case only).  Now works for all load cases.
Case #Description
19770Cold-formed sections can not be welded to make a user-defined cross-section. New warning was added to use rolled sections instead.
Case #Description
21013Wrong cut of member identified and fixed.

Version 21.1.0

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Case #Description
17883A detailed report in IDEA StatiCa BIM was not exported to a DOC file.  Corrected.
18455Internal forces imported from RSTAB had the opposite direction.  Now fixed.
18457Improvements of Dlubal RFEM link  resulting in greater stability. 
18766An issue where some members were incorrectly defined as continuous after import from Tekla has been identified and corrected.  
19652Axis VM: Double angle cross-section was not recognized and all imports finished with an error.  Corrected.
19703Dlubal RFEM import error "The server was unable to process your request due to an internal error" was fixed.
Case #Description
17521The alignment of the stiffening member is now being applied correctly.
18618The Operation - Negative volume might cause disintegration of the member.  Issue fixed.
19060Correction of the problem where a rod welded into a connecting plate caused a singularity of the model.
19099Hatched area of contact stress under a base plate now exports to DXF correctly.
19283Cut of tubular members might cause the error: "Err - nasread: Error while parsing". Mesh generator has been fixed.
19557An issue with the input of pictures from the gallery into the report might cause a crash of the application has been fixed.
19581Manufacturing operation Fin plate might cause singularity of the model. This problem occurred when notch > 0 and the angle of the beam is -180° has been identified and fixed.
--Calculation of shear capacity of preloaded bolts with slotted holes was modified. Values of reduction factor ks according to EN 1993-1-8 Table 3.6, section 3.9.1 were applied.
--Improvement of the stiffness analysis - the ratio of applied loads (N, Vy, Vz, Mx, My, Mz) is perfectly proportional now. To learn more check the paragraph "How are the loads applied?" in the related theoretical background document "Stiffness analysis and deformation capacity
Case #Description
18254Change of member profile was not applied to related connections automatically in some cases.
19240Linear buckling analysis was not finished when the model contained an anchor with a gap.
19317Correction of the problem where the direction of some imported members was not set correctly.
Case #Description
9859Correction of the problem where some parts of the connections were not exported into DWG file.
18367Operation STUB was not displayed correctly.
19910Members were not being displayed correctly in the case of extension by cut operation.