RCS API for streamlined, simplified, and efficient design processes

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The modern IDEA StatiCa RCS API solution is comprehensive, programming-language independent, web-based, and meets the advanced needs of professionals seeking simplified and efficient design processes for reinforced concrete structures.

The RCS API facilitates integration into any project framework with minimal prerequisites. The API is based on REST technology, and it supports clients for both .Net (C#) and Python, with the flexibility to extend support to additional programming languages.

Documentation, including installation instructions and example use-cases, is readily available on the developer website, providing comprehensive guidance for users to get started with the RCS API quickly:

Getting Started RCS API

The RCS API allows the loading of an RCS project by:

  • Import from a created IOM file, or
  • Opening an existing RCS file

Once an RCS project is active, you can:

  • Get information about the project, including project data, available sections, and design members.
  • Update code settings.
  • Update the Reinforced cross-section reinforcement, tendons, or the entire cross-section using a template file (.nav).
  • Run the calculation for all or selected sections.
  • Retrieve results for all or selected sections.

The API marks our commitment to providing a scalable, user-friendly tool for the optimization and automation of concrete structural reinforced cross-section designs. This streamlines the design workflow and opens future advancements, including the consideration of web-based calculation services and integration with platforms like VIKTOR apps or Rhino Compute.

Released in IDEA StatiCa patch 23.1.3.

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