Checkbot ready for big projects

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The IDEA StatiCa Checkbot app is built to import design data from different sources, process them, and export them for other purposes. Its goal requires the ability to process everything in a reasonable time. The size of imported models varies from simple structures to complex ones.

The ability to link IDEA StatiCa apps to dozens of different tools brings the need to create different approaches for specific vendors. The BIM link data transfer is polished and streamlined to make the processes as smooth and quick as possible.

Thanks to this, the time needed for getting the data from different sources is short. Here are some comparisons for different metrics.

Faster imports for single connection from FEA links

We improved processes during the import of a single connection and member in FEA imports by reducing unnecessary API calls we use during import. This results in significantly faster import times for specific BIM links.

Faster opening of the existing projects

Also, the opening times for Checkbot's already existing projects were improved by approximately 50% compared to version 23.1.5.

Released in IDEA StatiCa version 24.0.

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