Parametric templates in Connection Library

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The Connection Library supports the use of parametric templates, significantly streamlining the workflow for connection designers. This allows for the creation and utilization of a universal set of templates that can be easily customized and applied to various design scenarios.

In IDEA StatiCa Connection, we have the possibility to create connection models using parameters (relations defined between individual entities). The parametric design allows us to design standardized connections efficiently - read about how to work with parameters in this article.

The integration of parametric templates into the Connection Library offers a transformational approach to connection designer workflows. It allows users to create and use a universal collection of templates that can be effortlessly customized and deployed in different design contexts.

How does it work?

The user can upload the created connection to their company or personal set as with any previous design, and it can even be done with the defined parameters. Once there is the same geometry in the project and the solution can be repeated, the user can apply this pre-prepared design (template) with all the parameters.

In addition, after proposing the template, it is possible to change the parameters directly in the main design window, and there is no need to go into developer mode. This user-friendly environment allows less experienced users to work with predefined parameters safely according to the presets of the senior designers.

This makes further optimization very simple as there is the possibility of avoiding changing each entity one by one when using operations.

By changing one parameter, multiple steps can be performed at once. For example, when changing the widener width, not only the widener itself, but also all the related welds and the location of the stiffener are affected:

The locked modifications in the property list of some manufacturing operations are disabled in such cases. However, if the user wishes, they can break the parameters using the "explode" button. And continue with modifying operations.

The templates to which the parameters are linked are marked with a lowercase {p}. Several parametric templates have already been prepared and made available in the predefined design set by the IDEA StatiCa team.

What are the benefits of parametric templates?

  • Universal templates: Designers can access a broad collection of parametric templates from the Connection Library. These templates are designed to be universally applicable, providing a solid foundation for a wide range of projects.
  • Parametric customization: Through the Developer tab, users can define specific parameters for each template, allowing for a high degree of customization and flexibility in design.
  • Template identification: Parametric templates are easily identifiable by the symbol {p}, ensuring that users can quickly recognize and select them for their projects.
  • Enhanced library filtering: The filter in the Propose window of the Connection Library, enables users to efficiently find parametric templates among the library's extensive offerings.
  • Publication control: When a connection contains parameters, designers have the option to publish these parametric templates to the Connection Library. This feature offers flexibility in sharing customized templates with the broader user community or keeping them private for individual or internal use.

Impact on workflow

The inclusion of parametric templates in the Connection Library represents a significant advancement in the design process for connection designers. This functionality simplifies the design process by providing:

  • Efficiency: The use of templates speeds up the design phase, allowing for quicker iterations and modifications.
  • Consistency: Parametric templates ensure design consistency across projects, which is crucial for maintaining standards and quality.
  • Collaboration: The ability to share customized templates enhances collaboration among teams and with the wider design community.
  • Customization: Designers can tailor templates to specific project requirements, enhancing design accuracy and effectiveness.

Released in IDEA StatiCa patch 23.1.5.

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