Error handling with Support Center integration

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The IDEA StatiCa desktop application includes an error dialog feature informing users when a crash has occurred due to a bug already investigated by IDEA StatiCa developers or to an issue with a known solution.

This troubleshooting service is designed to provide immediate assistance for license-related issues encountered by users of the IDEA StatiCa desktop application with links to solutions or additional information.

The desktop application can overcome any occurrence of crash issues by providing clear communication to the user about the cause of the error and the recommended action to resolve the issue – specifically, updating the IDEA StatiCa application. This approach ensures users are well-informed about the steps they can take to avoid future problems, thereby enhancing the user experience by offering direct guidance on how to proceed in the event of an application crash.

The error-handling tool offers explanations about what is going on during technical or licensing issues and provides direct links to articles where the solution is explained in a more comprehensive way. 

Integration with the Support centre

Users are equipped with the knowledge to understand the causes behind errors within the desktop application. Upon encountering an error, they are directed to a specific section of the Support Center through a direct link, where users can access solutions and detailed information pertaining to their issue.

Faster solution identification

This integration addresses several different types of situations:

  • Known licensing issues – linking the user to specific knowledge base articles.
  • Known technical issues that are already solved – linking the user to the current installation setups.
  • Known technical issues that have already been reported – informing about no need for further actions.

This not only aids in error resolution but also enhances the user experience by providing targeted support, directly addressing the causes of common issues encountered within the application.

Released in IDEA StatiCa patch 23.1.3.

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