Checkbot Free – the structural design hub for FEA and CAD data

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Checkbot Free offers unification and simplification of the workflow for users across various regions. It enhances accessibility and streamlines the process of structural engineering projects through design data management and sharing between different tools.

The IDEA StatiCa Checkbot Free application works both as a plugin linked to a specific FEA or CAD tool and as a standalone application capable of importing, managing, and exporting different types of design data. For the majority of its capabilities, the paid license is not necessary. The only necessity for running it is a valid IDEA StatiCa user account. This means that also without the paid, educational, or trial license, the user can still leverage the advantages of the Checkbot Free features.

If the user has not yet created an IDEA account, they can simply follow this step-by-step guide to set up a Basic account.

Checkbot Free offers a range of functionalities aimed at improving project collaboration and efficiency:

  • Import compatibility: Users can import projects from all supported CAD and FEA BIM links directly into IDEA StatiCa Checkbot.
  • Sharing of design objects: Enables seamless sharing of design objects among project stakeholders.
  • File export: Supports the export of .ideaconn files, facilitating easy exchange and collaboration.
  • Viewer access: Allows opening selected connections in our Viewer web browser tool, ensuring project details are easily accessible for review and discussion.

User's benefits

  • Licensing flexibility: Free Checkbot is included in one setup package, where IDEA StatiCa applications are unlocked with a license. Even when all paid seats are occupied, users can still perform imports and exports in the Checkbot app.
  • Replacement of free Viewer plugins: This aims to supersede the free CAD viewer plugins for Advance Steel, Revit, and Tekla, centralizing functionality within Checkbot.
  • Unified solution: Prevents the fragmentation of tools (CAD Viewer plugin, IDEA StatiCa toolset installation, Checkbot not linked to Viewer) by centralizing Checkbot as a hub for structural engineering data management.

Intuitive user experience

  • Informative tooltips: Disabled commands within the application feature tooltips explaining why they are unavailable, enhancing user understanding and navigation.
  • Clear identification: The free version is clearly labeled as "Checkbot Free" in the title, distinguishing it from the licensed version.

Released in IDEA StatiCa version 24.0.

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