What IDEA StatiCa content did you like the most in 2019? Here are the highlights of blog posts, videos, and webinars.

Blog posts

We have prepared for you almost 100 blog posts in the year 2019 which were viewed by some 4,000 visitors. Here is the selection of the most viewed.

IDEA Open Model API improved
We re-worked the IDEA Open Model (IOM) interface from scratch to facilitate linking between IDEA StatiCa and any kind of third party software to smooth out your workflows and processes.

Geometrically and materially nonlinear analysis
For an engineer, it is always important to be able to model a structure behaving as close to reality as possible. And, that is why we introduced GMNA calculation which brings results of the analysis closer to the real behavior of the construction.

New manufacturing operation with negative volume
Another of the new features introduced in our version 10.1 product release. The negative volume can be used to remove intersecting parts of members. This comes in handy especially for openings of irregular shapes.

Crack spacing check
Crack spacing is a new feature and of our IDEA StatiCa Detail application. It enables the user to investigate the distance between cracks within the entire concrete detail and this way obtain important information about the behavior of the reinforced concrete structure under the input loads.

Fire resistance for concrete members
The long-awaited functionality of the fire resistance according to EN 1992-1-2: 2006 – 11 has been implemented in the code-check of the RCS application.



We organized about 20 webinars on both steel and concrete topics in 2019 and will continue in 2020. The average audience of our webinars reached almost 100 attendees.

Our joint webinar with Hilti on the topic of Safety and efficiency of the steel-to-concrete joint was the most attended and appraised by you in 2019.

It is always good to learn from someone else’s mistakes. That is probably why one of the most attended and best-rated webinars was Common rookie mistakes on steel joints.

The fact users love practical case studies and real examples were proven by a high engagement of our Connection Wednesday webinar introducing a Multi-column base plate designed by ARUP.



Our visitors and followers spent more than 8,000 hours last year watching our videos.

It looks like IDEA StatiCa integrations and BIM links are something of the biggest interest to you. How to combine IDEA StatiCa with  Tekla Structures and SAP 2000 and Revit with IDEA StatiCa were the most viewed and liked videos of 2019.

You love also our short tutorials for connection types such as strengthened frame corner or footing with connecting plate.


And which ur blog posts, webinars, or videos do you personally like most?

We can promise to bring you even more interesting content like this in 2020. Stay tuned and follow us on YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook!