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Release notes IDEA StatiCa Concrete 20.1

Release notes IDEA StatiCa Concrete & Prestressing 9.1

IDEA StatiCa Concrete & Prestressing – Features and editions

Compatibility of versions

Looking for a manual, user guide or documentation?

Bridge load rating – Beam with the import of internal forces

Codes supported in IDEA StatiCa Concrete

IDEA StatiCa Tendon structural design - User guide

IDEA StatiCa Beam structural design - User guide

Material stress-strain diagram of concrete

Structural design of a reinforced concrete beam (EN)

Internal forces and load cases in TDA

Structural design of a prestressed concrete saddle beam (EN)

How to set the effective time for analysis of deflection

SAP2000 BIM link for the structural concrete design (EN)

RFEM BIM link for the structural concrete beam design (EN)

Robot Structural Analysis BIM link for concrete structural design (EN)

AxisVM BIM link for structural concrete beam design (EN)

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