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IDEA StatiCa Connection – Structural design of steel connections

IDEA StatiCa Member – Member stability and strengthening

General introduction for the structural design of steel connections

Release notes IDEA StatiCa Steel 20

Steel joints of hollow section cross-section members

Thin-walled steel members

Steel connection design resistance

Stiffness analysis and deformation capacity of steel joints

Strength analysis of steel joints

Plate model and mesh convergence

Internal forces in the steel connections

Node equilibrium in the 3D FEM model

Steel joint analysis model

Structural model of a concrete block

Anchor bolts

Bolts and preloaded bolts connections

Welded connections analysis

Analysis convergence of complex steel connection models

Check of steel connection components (HKG)

Codes supported in IDEA StatiCa Steel

What is coming in IDEA StatiCa 20