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Release notes Detail version 10.1

Release notes Concrete & Prestressing version 10.0

Structural design of a reinforced concrete T-section (EN)

How to define general cross-section by DXF reference?

Internal forces and load cases in TDA

How to set the effective time for analysis of deflection

Release notes IDEA StatiCa Concrete & Prestressing 8.0

Release notes IDEA StatiCa Concrete 7.0

Release notes IDEA StatiCa Concrete 7.1

Non-linear creep in Beam application

Why IDEA StatiCa Prestressing?

I already have a tool for prestressed concrete design, why to bother with IDEA StatiCa Prestressing?

What are the unique features of IDEA StatiCa Prestressing?

How fast is it to learn IDEA StatiCa Prestressing?

Import reinforcement from a text file

What is the CSFM?

How to input compressive strength value of concrete in construction stage?

Design of a continuous composite bridge

Concrete Member BETA

How to fill in the table of internal forces in RCS module?

How to export report to MS Word or PDF