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Compatibility of versions

Bond model for SLS (Detail)

Interaction code-check advancements in RCS

UX features in parametric design

Enhanced 3D scene interaction and property management in Checkbot

Comprehensive user interface in IDEA StatiCa Detail

Shared settings across the whole tool range

RCS API for streamlined, simplified, and efficient design processes

Customizable report tab in Detail

Automatic weld sizing to ductility

Accurate calculation of the shear resistance of slabs

Template application dialogue with sketches and parameters

Presentation of relevant curve results in detailed graphs in IDEA StatiCa Detail

Simple insertion of table inputs into IDEA StatiCa Detail

Sliding option for a concrete foundation block

Execute plate cuts in parallel planes

Limiting short lines in DXF imports

Unified Materials tab in Detail

BimApi solution for AXIS VM 7, Robot Structural Analysis 2024

Singularity detection in Member

Shear force position input and visualization