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Bolted plate to plate connection design (AISC)

IDEA StatiCa Connection – Structural design of steel connections

Structural design of a footing with diagonal (AISC)

Connection design of a tubular 3D frame (AISC)

Reduced Beam Section (AISC)

Flange Plate Moment Connection

Tubular SHS bracings with notches

Cross bracing

Gusset to base plate

Heavy anchoring with a base plate


Structural design of a general 3D joint (AISC)

Buckling analysis of a steel connection (AISC)

Stiffness analysis of a steel connection (AISC)

Steel connection capacity design (AISC)

Steel joint design resistance (AISC)

General introduction for the structural design of steel connections

Y-shape welded tubes

Anchoring with cleats

X joint with tubes