Concrete Member BETA

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Release 20.1 brings a new application for Concrete design - Concrete Member BETA. Model, reinforce, and code-check a critical concrete member in minutes. 


Thanks to our new application, the user can easily design and assess spatial reinforced concrete structures consisted of 1-D elements, beams and columns. In the future, it will be possible to analyze structural 3-D members of any topology.

Geometry of concrete member


The load can be applied in the direction of any member axis via the line load. Endpoints of related members can be subjected to point forces (and moments) that represent nodal forces obtained from global analysis.

Line load on concrete member


Using our well-known dialog, the user can design longitudinal reinforcement and stirrups in each member. The predefined templates can speed up the whole process of reinforcement design. Every group of longitudinal reinforcement, as well as stirrups, can be easily edited in the Property window. 

Reinforcement editor in concrete member

You can define several reinforcement zones along the length of the member and create a complicated reinforcement layout including various spacing of the stirrups and longitudinal reinforcing bars lengths.

reinforcement layout


Several different analysis types will be available for one structural model. Currently, only Linear analysis can be performed, but other types of analysis will be implemented in the following releases.  

Four types of analyses will be available to analyze concrete members. Now, a linear analysis can be run in Concrete Member Beta, the other three types of analyses are in development or in the stage of their final tunning. 

four analysis in IDEA StatiCA: linear analysis, GMNA, CSFM 2D, CSFM 3D

  • Linear analysis (LA): implemented in Concrete Member Beta
linear analysis in concrete member

  • Geometrically and materially non-linear analysis, including thermal analysis (GMNA): in development

  • Compatible stress field method 2D (CSFM 2D): developed/improving (CSFM is available in IDEA StatiCa Detail)

  • Compatible stress field method 3D (CSFM 3D): in development

Section check 

After linear analysis, the user can run a detailed section check using the application RCS, which automatically chooses the most utilized sections on analyzed members and assess them.

Available in Expert and Enhanced edition.