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Equilibrium and supporting member

IDEA StatiCa Detail – Structural design of concrete discontinuities

IDEA StatiCa Detail – Structural design of concrete 3D discontinuities (BETA)

Horizontal beam-column-brace gusset (AISC)

Geometry types in Detail

How to model a single bolt connection (Model type)

How to create a section view

Simple insertion of table inputs into IDEA StatiCa Detail

BimApi solution for AXIS VM 7, Robot Structural Analysis 2024

Load mapping algorithm for importing steel connections

Singularity detection in Member

Supports with offset in Member

Changes in the tree of entities

Intuitive ribbon and navigation system for IDEA StatiCa Detail

Strengthening of existing steel members

Member – rigid support member (RSM)

How to create and use a custom cross-section

What is the difference between Widener , Doubler and Rib?

Linear Buckling analysis for steel connection design

Concrete transfer beams and walking columns: model, analysis and design.

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport drive-through canopy