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CSFM explained

IDEA StatiCa Detail – Structural design of concrete 3D discontinuities (BETA)

Reinforcement definition in the Detail application

Prestressed concrete I-section

Reinforced concrete wall with openings

Stress-strain diagrams in CSFM

Reinforced column section - Second order effect

Reinforced concrete T-section

Reinforced concrete 2D section

What is the Topology optimization for? And how does it go with the strut and tie method?

Design tools for reinforcement

Ultimate limit state analysis

Safety factors

Material models (EN)

Serviceability limit state analysis

Partially loaded areas (PLA)

Structural element checks according to Eurocode

Realistic reinforcement layouts in Detail

Tössbrücke Wila skew-angled bridge

Reinforced concrete structure of a multifunctional building

The Arch Railway Bridge