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Reinforcement structural design

Verification of the structural concrete elements (EN)

Release notes Detail version 10.1

Release notes Detail version 10

How to input the strength reduction factor according to ACI

Design and check of slender columns

Structural design of prestressed discontinuity regions

Structural design of a reinforced concrete T-section (EN)

What is the Topology optimization for?

How to edit geometry in Detail

How to define general cross-section by DXF reference?

How to find out the weight of the reinforcement in IDEA StatiCa Detail

Verification and validation of corbels strengthened by unbonded tendons and bars

Serviceability limit state evaluation in discontinuity regions

Topology optimization

Design any architectural shape

How to code-check a deep beam

How to deal with corbels

How to deal with beam openings

How to define supports of the RC structure's CSFM model?

Reinforced concrete frames in application Member