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IDEA StatiCa Detail – Structural design of concrete discontinuities

Stability of Bracket Plates using Local Buckling Analysis and Material Nonlinear Analysis (AISC)

Different ways to define load effects

How to define correct load position (Forces in)

Equilibrium and supporting member

Release notes IDEA StatiCa Concrete 20

Evaluate critical effects for loads imported via BIM links

Torsion moment induced by eccentric shear force

Internal forces in the steel connections

Model management improved, right-click actions and point loads in Member

Ordering of load cases and combinations in Detail

Auto-calculation of self-weight of discontinuity regions

Correct input of bending moment

How to import load effects from Excel sheet

Combinations from SCIA Engineer to IDEA StatiCa

How to input the load from the ceiling

Tackling IDEA StatiCa Connection - Shear connections

Summer Series - One or two joints?

Connection Wednesdays – How to build a correct model

Bridges – Pier cap design

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport drive-through canopy