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Equilibrium and supporting member

How to define correct load position (Forces in)

Prying and high tension force in bolts

How to model a single bolt connection (Model type)

Weld / Welds in IDEA StatiCa

What is the singularity warning?

Global buckling vs. local buckling. What does it mean?

Different ways to define load effects

When to use a stiffening member?

RISA-3D & IDEA StatiCa workflow

General introduction for the structural design of steel connections

CBFEM - how it works, code compliance, validation and verification

Fire design of steel connections (22.1)

3D presentation: Scene options

Load Extreme Selection

Qualification checks of seismic prequalified connections for AISC

How to create and export report to MS Word, DXF or PDF files

Calculation of anchors with stand-off

Bolt bearing distances for Eurocode

Check welds of welded sections

How to create a section view