When to use a stiffening member?

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Stiffening members are used to simulate a joint element with cross-sections. This helps you to design any needed topology.

The fundamental difference between a standard member and a stiffening member is that we can not input any internal forces and supports on stiffening members. We use standard members only if we need to apply load/constraint on them. 

A stiffening member is not part of the original FEA 1D member analysis model; it only fills in the joint's missing parts. Another feature of a stiffening member, contrary to a standard member, is that you can have it at any length you need.

To add a stiffening member, click on new Operation and select  a new manufacturing operation:

Operation Stiffening member

Typical examples where the stiffening member operation is used are, e.g., the intermediate part of the connected continuous member or strut support between a column and a beam or anchoring via cleats.

Tubular joint

The summary of the stiffening member operation and the procedure to create an example with a stiffening member is demonstrated in the following video.

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