New IDEA StatiCa 24.0 brings some significant innovations!

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IDEA StatiCa 24.0 marks the tenth anniversary of our CBFEM method and Connection application – a decade of making the right connections! It also introduces our groundbreaking new 3D concrete structural design solution, allowing you to do things with out-of-plane loading you never thought possible – continuing our devotion to innovation. Read on...

Although IDEA StatiCa 24.0 is certainly a bumper release, I thought I would share with you just some of the highlights.

Speed up your connection designs

Our Steel Connection application sees the addition of parametric templates, which substantially reduce the time you need to design standard connections by up to 80%. Also, the expansion of our Connection Library to over one million items (yes, you read that number correctly), complete with new filters, ensures you always have free access to a vast database of connection designs that are ready for you to browse, choose, and use in your projects.

Optimized bolts and welds

With IDEA StatiCa 24.0, you can look forward to new advanced one-click weld sizing, including full strength and overstrength options, alongside auto-design capabilities for bolts in shear connections. These innovations streamline the complex process of ensuring optimal strength and efficiency in your structural connections.

The evolution of 3D concrete detail design

Concrete detail design takes a massive leap forward with the Beta introduction of 3D modeling capabilities for footings and walls, allowing for out-of-plane load analysis. This new solution provides you with insights into the real behavior of structural elements that had previously been difficult (and many times impossible) for you to model before. We are giving you early access to this Beta version to try out for yourself while we continue putting it through its paces in our rigorous verification process. This is accessible to current users with the latest version and valid maintenance. If you fulfill the prerequisites, you can request free access by clicking the Beta Detail icon in the Connection app ribbon, which will take you to this landing page, where you complete the form and request to join the Beta program and get free access to 3D Detail.

Checkbot Free the ultimate structural design hub

Meet Checkbot Free, the collaborative project hub you have been waiting for. Built on enabling collaboration, it allows users without a full IDEA StatiCa license to import models from various FEA and CAD software to create projects that can be shared with licensed users for further analysis and design, and replaces our free CAD plugins. Using Checkbot Free, you can enable every professional on your team to contribute to your projects' development as it integrates seamlessly into all BIM processes, enhances project efficiency and data integrity, and provides the possibility to upload and view projects online in Viewer.

Checkbot is a performance beast

IDEA StatiCa's regular and full version of Checkbot enjoys some major performance upgrades and enhanced BIM integration, meaning your structural engineering workflows have a serious injection of speed as Checkbot is ready to help you handle big projects. With faster imports from your FEA software and improved handling of large projects, it significantly reduces processing times, boosting your productivity. In addition, stronger BIM software interoperability enables smoother data exchange.

Regional improvements

With IDEA StatiCa version 24.0, to address regional market needs, you can leverage key code-specific updates like PINS for Eurocode-compliant pin connections, primarily benefiting European projects, and Partial Joint Penetration (PJP) welds tailored for North American designs following AISC standards. Additionally, we have added throat thickness versus leg size for welds aimed at the UK market and detailed design options for hooked anchors for the APAC region.

Did we mention ease of use?

For Enterprise users, the integration of Single Sign-On (SSO) is being rolled out, which simplifies platform access, enhancing your security and user experience. Plus, IDEA StatiCa's User Portal's redesign, available to all, and the introduction of keyboard shortcuts, alongside Brazilian Portuguese support, significantly improve users’ ability to navigate themselves.

Additionally, new shared preferences ensure consistency across projects, minimizing setup times, and maintaining uniform design parameters. To ensure you are never at a loss about what to do, enhanced error messaging and tooltips provide clear, actionable insights, with direct links to support resources, making troubleshooting easier.

So, there you have it, a true milestone in structural design. To get a complete picture of what IDEA StatiCa version 24.0 contains, be sure to check out the release notes, download the latest version, and try it out for yourself using the link below. We cannot wait to hear your feedback!

We also invite you to join our webinar on May 7, 2024, to hear a more in-depth guide to the new release from some of the team behind bringing you this latest version.

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