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Problems with dead load are dead

IDEA StatiCa version 22.0 is now officially alive!

Become a beta tester of IDEA StatiCa v22.0

New IDEA StatiCa version 21.1 is live!

New IDEA StatiCa version 21.0 is live!

Parametric templates of bridge diaphragms

Load on a curve from DXF reference

Crack spacing check

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Design of reinforced concrete walls

Topology optimization for reinforced concrete

Why and how to input internal forces into a concrete detail?

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New templates of bridge diaphragms

Rebar optimization

Code-check of a beam with opening

FEM model behind IDEA StatiCa Detail

Anchorage zone of prestressed members

Understanding concrete design reinforcement

How to model a detail with two trimmed ends composed of two cross-sections?