SIA 262:2013 implemented in RCS and Beam

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The integration of the SIA 262:2013 material database into the IDEA StatiCa RCS and Beam applications is for users working within the Swiss standards. This provides access to concrete, reinforcement, and prestressing materials as defined in current SIA 262:2013 standards.

SIA 262:2013 can be selected when a new project is created and displayed in the project data and the standard is also listed in the final report. The implementation of SIA 262:2013 includes assessments, partial factors, and materials libraries.

Materials for concrete, reinforcement, and prestressing reinforcement can be found in the MPRL database, which is implemented in the IDEA StatiCa RCS and Beam applications.

Access is provided to materials for concrete, reinforcement, and prestressing reinforcement as defined in the most recent SIA 262:2013 standards, plus flexibility is maintained for users who prefer to work with the material specifications from the earlier SIA 262:2003 standards. 

Due to our users' diverse needs and preferences, materials from SIA 262:2003 standards continue to be available, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for ongoing and legacy projects.

Released in IDEA StatiCa version 24.0.

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