IDEA StatiCa 23 approved for Hong Kong (HKG)

To ensure you get the best out of IDEA StatiCa software, it is recommended to use the latest version. And we have good news for all engineers working with Hong Kong standard, as IDEA StatiCa 23 has been officially approved for its usage by the Hong Kong authorities.

The major version IDEA StatiCa 23 has been granted an acceptance of its use in submissions made under the Buildings Ordinance by the Chief Structural Engineer of the Buildings Department in Hong Kong.

See the list of all Pre-accepted Structural Programs.

Steel connection design in IDEA StatiCa (for all components - plates, bolts, welds including detailing checks) is done according to Code of Practice for the Structural Use of Steel 2011.

Theoretical Background

Read the essential information for checks of individual components of a steel joint according to the Hong Kong Code of Practice.

Code check of steel connection components (HKG)

Specific parts of the Theoretical Background for each individual component:


The software solution has been properly validated and verified. In our Support Center, you can find various verification studies as well as comparisons to real-life laboratory experiments.

Comparison of IDEA StatiCa Connection to ANSYS

Other codes supported in IDEA StatiCa

IDEA StatiCa Steel distinguishes 8 international or national codes and standards.

Codes supported in IDEA StatiCa Steel

If you are interested in updates, improvements, and the new functionalities of IDEA StatiCa 23.0 and IDEA StatiCa 23.1, visit our Release notes page.

Find out more about concrete design possibilities in our Support Center, where you can also learn how to use the applications in many tutorials, see our Product Engineers in action in one of our webinars, or download a sample project.

If you are starting with the software or just want to improve your skills, check out our self-paced learning and professionally certified Campus courses, and select the one that suits your needs the best.

Download the new version of IDEA StatiCa and try all the features

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