Check of preloaded bolts according to Hong Kong Code

Preloaded bolts are checked for shear slip capacity and combination of tension and shear.

Shear capacity

Shear capacity of preloaded bolts is determined according to Cl. as:

\[ P_{SL} = 0.9 \cdot K_s \cdot \mu \cdot P_0 \]


  • \(K_s\) – hole coefficient taken as
    • for standard holes \(K_s = 1.0\)
    • for oversized holes \(K_s = 0.85\)
    • for slotted holes \(K_s = 0.7\)
  • \(\mu\) – slip factor between connected parts from Table 9.7; editable in Code setup
  • \(P_0\) – minimum proof loads of bolts specified in relevant international or local standards

Combined tension and shear

Combined tension and shear is checked according to Cl. as:

\[ \frac{F_s}{P_{SL}}+\frac{F_{tot}}{0.9\cdot P_0} \le 1.0 \]


  • \(F_s\) – shear force in a bolt
  • \(P_{SL}\) – slip resistance of a preloaded bolt
  • \(F_{tot}\) – total applied tension in the bolt including the prying force
  • \(P_0\) – specified minimum proof load of a preloaded bolt

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