Code-check of bolts and preloaded bolts according to Hong Kong Code

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Preloaded bolts are checked for shear slip capacity and combination of tension and shear.

Shear capacity

Shear capacity of preloaded bolts is determined according to Cl. as:

\[ P_{SL} = 0.9 \cdot K_s \cdot \mu \cdot P_0 \]


  • \(K_s\) – hole coefficient taken as
    • for standard holes \(K_s = 1.0\)
    • for oversized holes \(K_s = 0.85\)
    • for slotted holes \(K_s = 0.7\)
  • \(\mu\) – slip factor between connected parts from Table 9.7; editable in Code setup
  • \(P_0\) – minimum proof loads of bolts specified in relevant international or local standards

Combined tension and shear

Combined tension and shear is checked according to Cl. as:

\[ \frac{F_s}{P_{SL}}+\frac{F_{tot}}{0.9\cdot P_0} \le 1.0 \]


  • \(F_s\) – shear force in a bolt
  • \(P_{SL}\) – slip resistance of a preloaded bolt
  • \(F_{tot}\) – total applied tension in the bolt including the prying force
  • \(P_0\) – specified minimum proof load of a preloaded bolt

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