How to import a plate from DXF

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In the case of plates with a general shape, instead of editing edges using Editor in the operation Stiffening plate, you can consider importing them from DXF.

Add a new operation, Stiffening plate, and for the parameter Shape, select the option Polygon. Click on the button Dxf... and choose your Dxf file containing the plate outline shape.

Please note that the plate outline shape in the dxf file must be exploded to the simple entities (line, arch), and other applications do not open the dxf file.


Then click on the edge of the shape to pick up a line in the selection. You can manually pick up the other edge lines with the pressed Ctrl button or click on the command Consecutive in the top ribbon. You must select a closed shape. Then click on the command Outline.


The shape of the imported plate is drawn in the Details window.

If there is an opening in the plate, pick up the closed curve of the opening outline and click on the command Opening.


To finish the import process, click OK.

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