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CSFM Book – Compatible stress field design of structural concrete

CBFEM book – Component-based finite element design of steel connections

When to use a stiffening member?

Codes supported in IDEA StatiCa Concrete

Codes supported in IDEA StatiCa Steel

Analysis doesn't reach 100%

How to import a plate from DXF

How to create a custom cross-section by DXF middle line reference?

Using the plate Editor to shape a plate

Known limitations for Tekla Structures

Known limitations for Advance Steel

Bolts are too close to plate edge

Bolts positioning in end plate operation

Code-check manager (BIM link) does not start

Known limitations for STAAD.Pro

Plane of strains on the composite section

Equilibrium and supporting member

Types of supports in IDEA StatiCa Detail

Patch support

Point distributed support

Line support

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