Load mapping algorithm for importing steel connections

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We developed an algorithm for recognizing members' geometry for load imports. This tool assigns imported load effects according to the real connection space arrangement. The algorithm is based on topological code, which is independent from LCS or the order of the members' selection in a joint.

This helps mostly in cases with this typical workflow. The connection designer wants to load the structural model of a connection from a detailer (exported from CAD) using loads in a model provided by an engineer (exported from FEA). This workflow saves a lot of time and provides effective use of the data exchange between offices and applications.

Fewer limitations:

  • LCSs of the current model and the model being imported don't have to be identical
  • The order in the project member list doesn't need to be the same

The algorithm automatically recognizes and identifies the corresponding members and reliably assigns the load effects to them.

Available in both Expert and Enhanced editions of IDEA StatiCa Steel.

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