Smooth results with precise meshing

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As a result of the continuous research of our solver team, we are always bringing a big improvement in mesh generation for the finite element model in the Connection and Member applications. The updated mesher now gives smoother and, therefore, more precise results.

We use the mesher CM2 MeshTools SDK. Using the latest meshing algorithms, it provides a smooth mesh structure.

We have also programmed the newest rules for mesh generation to ensure better distribution in all plates. Connections composed of splice and backing plates, intermediate stiffening members, or stiffening plates used as custom end plates are tuned for even higher precision of analysis and match better with other parts of the connection.

Also, the default values for the mesh settings, such as the minimal size of elements and the number of elements on plates, are refined in the Code setup.

Available in both Expert and Enhanced editions of IDEA StatiCa Steel.

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