Section and member types in the RCS application

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This article explains the possibilities of the different types of structures' definitions in the RCS application. You will learn about the options not only for 1D members but for 2D members as well. After reading the article, you will know which types to choose for the correct design and code-check.

Section types

Let's start with section types. There are 3 of them in total.

  • 1D reinforced section
  • 1D staged/prestressed/composite section
  • 2D sections

 Before taking a closer look at each type individually, let's see the general description of 1D and 2D sections:

1D sections

The cross-section can be defined from templates or as a general shape. The reinforcement can be set using pre-defined templates or generally in the reinforcement editor. Loading is handled by a complete set of internal forces.

2D sections

A rectangular shell element with plan dimensions of 1m x 1m is defined automatically by the software. You only need to set the thickness of the slab and define the reinforcement for the upper and the lower surface in general directions. The defined internal forces are recalculated to the check directions using Baumann's transformation formula.

                                  1D Section                                                                     2D Section

1D Member types

For 1D sections, 3 member types can be set: 

  • Beam
  • Compression member
  • One-way slab

Most of the checks and functionalities are the same for all the member types. In the following text, we will explain the special features implemented for individual member types.


Typical beam geometry templates are available for this type. And, besides standard USL and SLS checks, flexural slenderness can be evaluated.

Compression member

This type is meant for a slender compressed member where the second-order effect is significant. Hence typical cross-section templates for columns are available. Two analysis methods according to EN 1992-1-1 5.8 are implemented - Nominal stiffness and Nominal curvature.

One-way slab

The type is adapted to design the slab members acting in one direction only. The same rules, except the reinforcement templates, as for the 1D reinforced section, apply.

2D Member types

Read the following article to find out the differences between individual Types of 2D members.

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