How to work with imported user-defined internal forces

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In the Beam application, there is an option to import internal forces by using XML file from SCIA Engineer. Dive into this article to learn how to import the internal forces for example from the temperature loads and work with them.

To import the user-defined forces go to Navigator -> Loads -> User-defined forces and click on the Import from XML button in the Data window.

How to work with imported internal forces

The dialog will appear and the application will ask for the position of internal forces (possible shift of the beginning between the models) or the possibility to select internal forces to import.

How to work with imported internal forces

If the import was successful, you will see the diagram in the main window.

How to work with imported internal forces

These internal forces need to be added to generated combinations in the combination manager (generally for variable load cases) or assigned to specific construction stages (required for permanent load cases by TDA calculation and correct rheology effects). Moreover, it is recommended to check the assignment to load groups for the correct assessment of combinations, if they are evaluated by Code type.

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