Combining pre- and post-tensioned tendons

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IDEA StatiCa Beam provides designing and code-checking of prestressed continuous composite beams (type concrete-concrete), combining pre- and post-tensioned tendons.

There are two workflows for how to design the prestressed beam in IDEA StatiCa software, which can be even composite (concrete-concrete) with a combination of pre- and post-tensioned tendons. 

  • Using the Beam application, where you can calculate a complete TDA analysis, use data import from 3rd party software, design the geometry of the tendons, etc. And of course design and code-check all cross-sections using implemented RCS module.
  • Input the results of global analysis from FEA software to the RCS application. Where you can do a complete design and code-check of cross-sections (composite with a combination of pre- and post-tensioned tendons).

For the first approach watch the video below, where the complete workflow is shown, and where you will for example see how the templates speeds-up the definition of tendon layout, prestressing losses, equivalent load due to prestess, etc. This is possible even for complex models like composite cast-in-situ slab laying on precast beams that form a skew bridge supported by elastomer bridge bearings, where the precast beams are indirectly supported by cast-in-situ diaphragms. 

For the second approach, we recommend diving into the Campus course to fully understand the RCS application. This will also be useful for approach one, where the implemented RCS module is used for the design of cross-sections, which is identical to the stand-alone application. The only difference is that in the case of the first approach, the inputs from Beam are imported into RCS automatically. Whereas for the second approach, the user has to manually enter the results from the global model into the RCS application. 

  • Read the following article where you will learn how to correctly set the Action stages: RCS - Action stages

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