Import from SCIA Engineer to IDEA StatiCa - Creating of XML file

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A fast and easy workflow for transferring internal forces from the global model is the foundation for a smooth design. Let's explore what options we have for import from SCIA Engineer to IDEA and explain what xml files mean.

In the following article, we will focus on concrete structures. Specifically, we will import the whole structure or just a part of it, including internal forces, into IDEA StatiCa so that we can perform the design.

Import from Scia engineer is mediated by so-called xml files. To create them correctly, it is necessary to install templates. These templates are pre-prepared by IDEA StatiCa. The templates ensure the correct loading of all required information. 

How to do it is described step by step in the following tutorial:

For clarity, the workflow is also recorded in a summary video:

Finally, you can watch the webinar that has already streamed, where you can see the whole import process and the design and code-check of the beam in IDEA StatiCa Beam and Idea Statica Detail. This is a comprehensive example, including a comparison of the results from both applications. 

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