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The description of the general interface is shown in the following article. You will understand the layout of the application and what the display options are.

The application is divided into several sections. For better understanding, let's name and explain them. 

  • Top Ribbon
  • Navigator
  • Data - input tab
  • Main - graphic window
  • Details - simple summary of calculated checks

Top Ribbon

The Top Ribbon is a graphical control element in the form of toolbars divided into several tabs. The composition of the Top Ribbon differs for each row in the main Navigator. In other words, various toolbar sets are provided for specific steps of modeling.

Project and Data tabs always display. The rest of the tabs vary according to the specific step as different options are available when for example, changing the geometry or checking the results. 


In the main navigator, you will find the Discontinuity regions and Project summary tabs. Under these tabs, you will find the steps to follow when creating and editing the model. 


In this section, you enter all the data. The layout of the Data section varies according to the specific step from the Navigator.


This is the main graphical window in the application. You will see all the changes and views you have set up in the project here. You can control the displayed model in the view settings in the Top ribbon. You can switch between 2D or 3D views and Real 3D or Model views.

If the Real 3D is activated, the user input displays (without modification). If the Model view is activated, the automatically determined view with reduced flange width displays. Notice also the difference between the Real 3D and Model views of the reinforcement. 

For more information, read the knowledge base article: 


Here are the summary results. You will also find here all the error notifications.

Search bar

When you need help, write keywords describing the problem into the Search bar. You will be immediately redirected to the support center.

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