How to create a new model in Detail application

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There are two ways how to create a new model.

  • From templates
  • General input

Let's have a look at them. 


There are four categories of templates:

  • Beams
  • Frame joints
  • Walls
  • Diaphragms

Moreover, there are prepared topologies for all of the categories. These predefined projects will speed up your workflow. You can go through the overview below. 

\[ \textsf{\textit{\footnotesize{Beams}}}\]

\[ \textsf{\textit{\footnotesize{Frame joints}}}\]

\[ \textsf{\textit{\footnotesize{Walls}}}\]

\[ \textsf{\textit{\footnotesize{Diaphragms}}}\]

Once you select the proper topology, the new model, including reinforcement, loads, and basic combinations, will be created automatically. You can also modify, add or delete anything later. 

General input

If one of the templates does not suit you, create a blank project and start from scratch. 

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