Fatigue analysis improvements

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There are several improvements in the analysis of fatigue:
  • The evaluation of stress in the fatigue analysis was improved by taking the bolt holes into account. Holes (e.g. bolt holes) are taken into account in the fatigue section. That means the stress concentrations now correctly influence the calculation of the stress unlike in the past when the stress was averaged along the whole section length. The part of the section passing the (bolt) hole has zero stress.
  • The fatigue stress can be displayed in welds directly as well as in plate sections near the weld (as it used to be in previous versions). In results, open the Weld tab to see the maximum normal stress (σwf,max) and corresponding shear stress (τwf) and maximum shear stress (τwf,max) and corresponding normal stress (σwf).
    The results for plates at the weld are now available under the Weld sections tab.
    You can get more details in the Theoretical Background: Fatigue analysis type.
Fatigue analysis in IDEA StatiCa
  • If the strain reaches the plastic branch of the material diagram, a warning is shown (for plates, sections, bolts, welds, and anchors).

The features have been available since the 21.1.1 patch.

Available in both Expert and Enhanced editions of IDEA StatiCa Steel.

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