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Structural design of a footing with diagonal (AISC)

Anchoring of inclined beam with openings

Base Plate Connections (AISC)

Shear force transfer in anchoring

Code-check of anchors (AISC)

General anchoring shapes and options

How to model footing with connecting plate

Concrete cone area of single anchor and group of anchors

Effective area in check of contact stress in concrete

Code-check of anchors according to Canadian standards

Structural model of a concrete block

Anchor bolts

Code-check of concrete block according to Canadian standards

Code-check of concrete blocks (AISC)

Structural design of footing with diagonal (EN)

Structural design leveraging the Connection Library (EN)

Simplifying steel to concrete connections

Webinar: Design of Steel to Concrete Connections including Base Plates

Summer Series - Footing connections quick & easy

Safety and efficiency in steel-to-concrete joints

Connection Wednesdays – Battersea Power Station (London)